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11 Work From Home Jobs With No Experience Necessary

Are you trying to find a new work-from-home job but worried that you don’t have enough experience in a relevant field? While some fields that offer remote employment can be quite exclusive, there are various work-from-home jobs that anyone can start without any prior experience.

No matter your skillset and background, there is likely a way for you to start telecommuting to a new online job. With more jobs than ever offering remote working options, now is the time to become a remote worker.

With this ultimate guide to the best 11 work-from-home jobs with no experience necessary, you’re bound to find your next job. These are the most common options for legitimate work-from-home jobs where you can start from zero.

best work from home jobs no experience

11 Work From Home Jobs You Can Start With No Experience

Looking to find work with no commute, but not sure where to begin? Whether you’re looking to become a freelancer, independent contractor, or part-time hourly employee, we’ve got you covered with a mix of online and work-from-home positions that you can learn on the go.

1. Customer Service

Customer service is a field in constant demand and one that typically doesn’t require much experience to land your first role. Customer service may be an excellent fit if you have a helper’s heart and can communicate, show patience, and learn new products or systems.

Customer service used to be an in-person position connected to an office or call center. Yet the dawn of the 2020s has seen a significant shift toward work-from-home customer service. More jobs in consumer services can be performed remotely than you might imagine!

2. Content Creation

Content creation is a virtually limitless pool for legitimate work-from-home employment. 

There are many avenues to freelance work in the content creation space, such as writing blog posts or creating videos for established brands. Companies are always looking to produce more content to share online, which means plenty of opportunities for those willing to make it!

There is also great potential to start one’s own work from home business in content creation, such as through blogging, podcasting, or video content for YouTube.

Keep in mind that building your own lifestyle business as a content creator offers massive potential, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It may take an enormous workload or considerable time before this work becomes profitable.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Like content creation, affiliate marketing can also be done from home. It is ideally suited to those with an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit.

There is a significant overlap between content creation and affiliate marketing; many creators who primarily do one also engage in some degree of the other.

Affiliate marketers typically build an online following (through social media posting and content creation) before monetizing their influence by suggesting brands and products to their audience.

This field is an excellent option for those with a gift for salesmanship and the energy to start an online business, but not necessarily the interest of building a content platform as their primary focus.

4. Product Reviews

Do you frequently buy and use different products? Do you have lots of opinions on them? Those opinions, and a willingness to share them with the world, are typically all you need to get started toward becoming a paid product reviewer online.

Paid product reviewers earn a mix of free products and monetary compensation to try things out and give their unbiased feedback to others online. 

Product reviewing does not usually earn people enough for a full-time income but is a great way to start making a little part-time side income with little to no experience.

5. App/Website Testing

Working as a freelance tester of apps and websites is somewhat similar to writing online product reviews. While some work in this field will require a degree or background in the software development field, much of it is possible and accessible for someone with no experience.

Companies developing websites and mobile apps want to know how well they work, how different people try to use them, and what issues they might have running on various devices. There are even ways to play games for real money!

If you have a phone or a laptop, you already have everything you need to start. There are several platforms available for work-at-home freelance testing. Often this work involves receiving instructions for an action to do within the website you are testing, trying to do that action, and recording your experience of trying to complete it.

6. Make Your Own Products

The era of Etsy is far from over. In an age of increasingly widespread low-quality and cheaply manufactured goods coming from major global retailers, there is more consumer interest than ever in bespoke goods from skilled artisans.

Almost everyone has at least one skill they can leverage to create products to sell online. Even if you don’t yet, there are plenty of great ways to learn a new craft. 

Consumers are tired of cheap stuff designed to fall apart after a few months. There is massive consumer demand for unique items built with love and care. With a bit of enterprise and creative energy, you can earn a cozy work-from-home paycheck by helping to meet that demand.

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7. Dropshipping

If you are interested in selling products online but don’t have as much faith or interest in manufacturing them yourself, then dropshipping may be the perfect work-at-home job for you.

Dropshipping empowers entrepreneurial individuals to start businesses online. These individuals can earn extra income selling products with the support of a larger framework to help them scale.

For instance, one common way to get started in dropshipping is designing t-shirts, stickers, or other forms of branded merchandise. There are several dropshipping platforms online that could enable you to build and scale that business.

They generally offer services like website creation, hosting an online shop, and, crucially, manufacturing and distributing your merchandise to customers.

8. Transcription

Transcription is one of the older work-at-home jobs available and typically takes minimal experience to start. A transcriptionist takes people’s speech from audio or video content and puts the words down into text.

This work has existed in the medical field for quite some time, with doctors recording patient notes and transcriptionists typing them up into patient records. Today, there are many fields with high demand for people who can transcribe seminars, podcasts, and various forms of video content.

9. Data Entry

Data entry is a classic entry-level position in many businesses that requires limited experience and opens doors to further opportunities. Nowadays, many people who work in data entry can fulfill their roles almost exclusively from home.

Not many aspire to a whole career of taking raw data and transcribing it into spreadsheets. Although, for a way to make money from home with no experience, data entry jobs can be a great way to get started.

A simple position like this can help newcomers form industry connections that could lead to future work-from-home opportunities.

10. Survey Taking

Not every work-from-home job on this list will likely replace a full-time job. Few people quit their day job to become full-time online survey takers, but many use this work as a low-effort, low-stress side hustle to bring in some extra money on the side.

As a survey taker, you can get paid for simply answering a few questions about yourself, your life, and your experience. There are many apps and services available for survey-taking. If you are considering this route, it’s probably worth signing up for a bunch of them.

One drawback of survey taking is the limit placed on the number of surveys you can do. Generally, you will only receive new paid surveys one at a time. This is why casting a wide net of survey service memberships can help maximize your earning potential.

11. Translation

If you know a second language, even with middling proficiency, working as an online translator can be a great way to start making money from home without experience. As a bonus, you’ll likely improve your understanding and expertise in both languages.

A bounty of online marketplaces offer paid remote work for anyone with the skills and willingness to translate. 

In this field, you may have the opportunity to translate blog posts, news articles, educational content, or even subtitles for TV shows and movies.

Building Your Work From Home Experience

Working remotely isn’t for everyone, and some fields that offer this benefit are highly competitive and exclusive. However, if you are passionate about finding a work-from-home role and have no relevant experience, there are still plenty of legitimate ways to get started today.

Whatever your skills, background, and preferences, there is likely a form of remote work that you can do, even with no experience. Some of these will earn money alongside your primary job, others can be a full-time job, and others still can take everything you’re willing to give them.

With an open mind and the right attitude, you have everything you need to make working from home work for you.

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