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17 Best Places to Work Remotely Around the World

More people than ever before now have the chance to work remotely. The remote work revolution has changed business and hiring practices, corporate structures, and most importantly, the lifestyles of those who can work more flexibly.

Remote work used to be limited to sticking at home, but with global travel ramping up more than ever before, more remote workers are taking their new opportunity to work from the road.

Taking the chance to travel to some of the best places to work remotely is an unforgettable lifestyle change all remote workers should jump at, if possible!

We spoke with digital nomads and remote workers about some of the best cities to work remotely worldwide, and these were their top responses. You might be surprised to see some of the cities on our list!

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Best Places to Work Remotely

What makes for a great place to work remotely? A lot goes into making a city a great destination for digital nomads and remote workers on the move. Here are some of the top considerations when looking for the best places to work remotely that will be best for you.

Internet Connection

Most remote work positions require a good internet connection, at least some of the time. Though specific remote work and digital nomad jobs have different requirements, it can be essential to consider internet connectivity when considering where to stay.

Visas and Work Permits

What countries and cities have visa policies most amenable to sticking around for a while? Or, will you just be planning on working remotely here for a short time?

It’s important to keep these questions in mind before planning to work remotely from any destination. You can also consider specific digital nomad visas if you’re looking for where to stay for a while!

Travel Potential

Where would you like to base yourself to travel further? Choosing a well-located spot for remote work can allow you to explore better a region, a country, or several countries that have been on your bucket list.

Remember, if you’ll need to have access to an international airport for easy travel, or you’d prefer to explore a specific region, take these things into consideration before planning your own best place to work remotely.

Things To Do

If you’re looking into spending time working in a particular city or town, consider the things you’ll be able to do there on a day-to-day basis. Will there be people to connect with while you’re there?

What will you be able to do during the evening after a day of working from behind a screen?

Weather and Climate

Research the climate of your future destination and know what to expect before booking your tickets. If you’re looking to temporarily relocate to a warmer climate, make sure the weeks or months you’re traveling correspond with the weather you’re looking for.

Our top picks for the best places to work remotely share some of these important characteristics and have so much more to offer.

Let’s get started with these top cities for remote workers all around the globe – we hope you’ll feel inspired to add these to your remote work travel destinations.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

If you’re looking for a place to work remotely that’s beautiful, affordable, and has plenty of things to do, Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a great option. With a tropical climate, the weather is warm all year round which makes it a great place to escape the winter blues.

Playa del Carmen is very easy to get to from the United States and other major cities around the world. Plus, its central time zone is perfect for those that are working with clients or businesses in the United States. 

The internet in Playa del Carmen is fast and reliable, and there are many coworking spaces, laid-back cafes, and an active digital nomad community to meet other remote workers. Plus, there are many beachfront restaurants with wifi so you can take advantage of the stunning views or even work with your toes in the sand. 

And when you need a break from work, there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy in Playa del Carmen, like freshwater cenotes, Mayan ruins, incredible snorkeling, and fun adventure excursions. And of course, the beaches in Playa del Carmen are absolutely beautiful.  

So if you’re looking for a place to work that also offers an amazing lifestyle, Playa del Carmen should definitely be at the top of your list!

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is an awesome spot for remote workers and digital nomads as the small compact city is easy to get around and a hub for creative types. There are lots of co-working spaces in Wellington as well as cool cafes where you can spend the day with your laptop and locally-roasted coffee.  

Internet access is very easy to come by. Most cafes and co-working spaces will have wifi available and if you’re looking for a cheap option, there is always the public libraries that have free internet. You can buy a SIM card from a supermarket to get mobile Internet access.  

There are so many options for things to do in Wellington, from hiking up the many hills and mountains nearby to exploring the laneways and hidden cocktail bars. You can also take day trips to the beaches of the Kapiti coast or the wineries of the Wairarapa.
ho chi minh city vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

As the largest city in Vietnam with over 9 million people, Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon) is a fantastic place for digital nomads and remote workers. Living in Ho Chi Minh City is affordable from housing, transportation, entertainment, and food cost. 

Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of coworking shared spaces to work remotely. Top options include The Hive, Dreamplex, Toong, and WeWork, and are located around Districts 1 and 3, Binh Thanh, and Thao Dien, Thu Duc City.

The rates vary depending on the location, duration, and amenities. 

Working from a coffee shop is another popular option. Many offer free and fast wifi. While the atmosphere is busier and livelier than in a coworking space, you get to enjoy delicious drinks and food for as long as you want. There isn’t a time limit on how long you can stay. 

Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of opportunities to meet people as events happen daily. Whether you’re looking for a painting class, yoga session, language exchange, or neighborhood clean-up, you’ll easily meet people based on similar interests.

Living in the two expat areas, District 7 and Thao Dien, Thu Duc City, are great areas to meet others. 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

If you’re looking for a city with good infrastructure and easy connections to other countries across the globe, Dubai is a great option for remote working.

Dubai has recently introduced a remote working visa, allowing individuals to live and work remotely in Dubai for up to a year. With excellent internet connections and a large and active expat community, Dubai is very accessible for remote workers, especially those who may have partners or family members already working in the city.

Plus, the emirate has just introduced its own form of a digital nomad visa, opening up the city to more digital nomads looking to work remotely.

Alongside the city center, there are several good neighborhoods in Dubai, offering everything from cultural attractions to beaches.

There’s a huge amount of things to see and do in the city, so being bored won’t be an issue – everything from amusement parks and aquariums to adventure sports and desert safaris is right on your doorstep.

Dubai is also a safe city to live in and there are relatively few restrictions compared to many other countries in the Gulf. There is also no income tax for remote workers and a number of good co-working spaces in the city.

Bangalore, India

Bangalore is one of the best places in the world for remote work. The garden city has a lot to offer remote workers; from super quick and cheap internet to a highly active party scene, the city has it all.

If you want to work among other like-minded people, there are numerous coworking spaces that provide all the facilities any remote work setup would need. The city scores bonus points because there are amazing places to visit near Bangalore and if you don’t want to travel locally, it has one of the biggest international airports in the country.

If you are a foodie, the city is home to some of the best south Indian food, pubs, breweries, and an assortment of local and international specialties.

The downside to Bangalore is the poor public transport and infrastructure, which can make moving around the city challenging.

However, this can be mitigated to some degree if you find a well-located apartment, close to the areas of the city you plan to frequent.

ericeira portugal

Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira is a seaside village north of Lisbon, Portugal; it is the only World Surf Reserve in Europe, and a perfect addition to any Portugal itineraryIt’s a perfect stop-off on a trip from Lisbon to Porto, or the perfect spot for working remotely.

Although modernized by tourism, the village is still incredibly authentic with its white buildings sprawled along the cliffs above the pounding surf. Its charm and the short 30-minute commute to Lisbon are just some of the reasons why so many remote workers choose to live here.

Many remote workers in Ericeira start their day with early morning surfing on one of Ericeira’s 11 beachesbut both the young and the old enjoy the wide variety of activities on offer, such as wine tasting, biking, hiking, skateboarding, and sunbathing on the beach.

You can even set up to work in one of the beachside restaurants with sandy toes, a plate of sardines, and a glass of white wine in the sunshine.

Ericeira is well known for its high-quality fish and seafood so working over a plate of clams or an octopus salad accompanied by excellent WiFi is a pleasure that quickly becomes a necessity!

If you need a slightly more formal setting, several co-working studios offer excellent installations and services, as well as networking opportunities.

Whether you choose to stay a week or a year, one thing is for sure: the Portuguese charm is infectious here and will leave you wanting more.

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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a city that has stormed onto the digital nomad scene over the years, and is built for anybody wishing to work remotely. From high-speed internet to quirky coffee shops, it has everything you need to get your work done at ease.

Dublin has a massive social scene where remote workers can meet each other and make friends. There are all sorts of events and group meet-ups happening all over the city every day. is a great way to get in touch with others who are into the same kind of thing, and you’ll also find lots of digital nomad groups here.

Dublin is also a super safe city to work remotely. Crimes against people going about their daily lives are uncommon, and natural disasters are non-existent.

Along with all these positives, there are tons of things for you to do on your day off, whether it’s enjoying one of the city’s great experiences such as the Guinness Storehouse, the Trinity College Library – one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, or wandering through one of the many city parks like the Phoenix Park.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the best places to work remotely in Asia. It’s a favorite place for visitors in Thailand, and is known across Thailand and the world as a popular digital nomad hub, and has a large expat community to support this.  

Chiang Mai has a very reasonable cost of living including cheap options for hotels and apartment rentals, and plenty of delicious food options ranging from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Due to a large number of remote workers, the city has plenty of coworking spaces available, great internet speeds, and many expat and digital nomad networking events as well.   

With its rich culture and modern amenities, remote workers in Chiang Mai can enjoy a wide variety of activities around town, such as visiting the popular Sunday market or one of the large malls for those who like city activities.

For those who prefer nature, Chiang Mai is surrounded by forested mountains and even home to a number of elephant sanctuaries. Several beautiful towns near Chiang Mai can also be visited as part of a Northern Thailand itinerary, such as Chiang Rai and Pai, which are perfect places to experience a change of pace. 

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Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, also known as CDMX, is one of the best places in the world to work remotely, and one of the best cities for remote workers in Latin America.

Despite many digital nomads enjoying the coastal regions of Mexico, the weather in Mexico City is generally better. There are no hurricanes and the humidity is never so high that it threatens laptop integrity.

Plus, the temperatures are generally mild and enjoyable year-round with the average monthly highs ranging from 72-82 F.   

In addition, high-speed internet is available throughout the city, in both hotels and private rentals. If working more collaboratively is your thing, coffee shops and coworking spaces are easy to find in Mexico City as well.  

Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world, by both population and geographic size. There are numerous world-class museums, UNESCO World Heritage sites like Teotihuacan, and unique day trips to fill any remote worker’s off time.   

It’s easy to get to all these places thanks to the city’s excellent public transit system. The bus and subway network can get you to any major tourist attraction.

However, Uber is plentiful and much cheaper than in the U.S. as an alternative.  

Paris, France

Paris is one of the best places in the world for working remotely. Everywhere you go in the city you can find cute Parisian cafes and coffee shops with free and reliable WiFi, which makes it very easy to work throughout the city. Furthermore, there are many coworking spaces where you can sit down to work in a relaxing setting.

In addition, while working in Paris you can explore this beautiful city as well. There are many things to do and see that are amazing.

For example, you can go sightseeing in the city, and see the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and many other sights.

There are lots of great restaurants in the city where you can have delicious French food, and there are many unique places for shopping, such as the Passage des Panoramas. No matter your interest or hobbies, there is always something to do in Paris after a long day of remote work. 

Lake Como, Italy

How about enjoying a stunning mountain lake during your work breaks? Taking a walk, jumping in for a quick swim, or enjoying lunch by the lakeside. You can have it all working remotely in Lake Como.

Lake Como is a great area to work remotely, as there are numerous places you can rent with a fast internet connection.

Plus, many of the apartments offer a view across the lake and the surrounding mountains. What a boost of energy during your work breaks! Or, simply start your day with early morning walks or runs by the shore.

During your free time, there are so many things to do at Lake Como, and many outdoor activities you can opt for. The lake invites you to go swimming, hiking along its shores, or any kind of water sports you can imagine, including kite surfing or windsurfing.

Besides clearing your mind after work, you also get more in touch with locals this way, which makes your experience even more amazing. Prefer to be based in larger Milan instead of Lake Como? Take a tour from Milan to Lake Como to check it out before relocating here!

queenstown new zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

Despite being named New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown is also one of the best places to work remotely. Filled with the trendiest cafes to cater to the huge tourist market, this makes Queenstown a great place to bring along your laptop to get some work done. 

Yonder is a great option – it’s one of the larger cafes with an outdoor area and multiple indoor areas to work from. 

After a morning of work, there are plenty of activities in Queenstown to fill your spare time. A favorite spot is Patagonia Chocolates; this is both a chocolaterie and an ice creamery. Upstairs there are tables and chairs overlooking Lake Wakatipu.

No matter where you go in Queenstown, there are walkways with stunning views.

During winter, head to the Queenstown ski fields. Coronet Peak offers night skiing, so even if you’re working all day, you can still enjoy the ski fields after hours. For the daring, you can experience skydiving, jetboating, paragliding and more!

For the wine lovers, Queenstown also has you covered. Wineries are dotted around Queenstown and the nearby suburbs of Akaroa and Gibbston Valley. You could even bring your laptop for remote work while you enjoy a glass of wine or two!

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is one of the best places to work remotely if you love nature and outdoor adventures. The city has great internet and other services while still being a wonderful destination to explore.

You’ll find many freelancers or part-time workers here, as well as professionals who work full-time remotely with coworkers in offices throughout the rest of the USA.

There are countless day trips from Anchorage, many of which you can embark on after a workday since Anchorage is so close to the mountains. Some favorite things to see and do near Anchorage are in Chugach State Park and Chugach National Forest, both of which have trailheads within the Anchorage municipality.

In the winter you’ll have free access to over a hundred miles of groomed ski trails and many adventurers pick up a fat bike for a weekend trip to a glacier. September through May you’ll even have a chance to see some of the northern lights, too.

Alaskan time is GMT-8, which works well for anyone that wants to do a “second shift” out of an east coast office in New York or Boston but still has “normal” working hours here. Alternatively, the timezone can be great for international companies based in Asia looking for someone to provide 24-hour coverage.

Downtown Anchorage has a handful of coworking spaces for anyone that doesn’t want to work remotely from home and those businesses are constantly expanding.

Brussels, Belgium

The cosmopolitan city of  Brussels is one of the very best places to work remotely around the world. Although both the capital of Belgium and Europe, the city is very compact and easy to get around biking, walking, or hopping on and off the various public transportation services.

English is widely spoken throughout the city, though a basic level of French might help you out in the smaller, local establishments.

One of the best areas to stay in Brussels to stay as an expat is around Ixelles. Although not the cheapest area (count of €750 for a one-bedroom apartment), the neighborhood is filled with beautiful houses, the largest park in the city and some of the best bars & restaurants Brussels has to offer.

The large influx of expats and, in recent years, digital nomads have meant co-working spaces started popping up like mushrooms in this part of Brussels.

Spend your weekends discovering Art Nouveau architecture, marveling at the gabled houses of the Grand Place and exploring the many museums with or without your new friends. Head into the Marolles neighborhood on Sunday to catch the best (and most lively) local flea market.

Even if you’re concerned about the weather in winter in Belgium, there are plenty of lovely activities to enjoy around the city!

san juan puerto rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is an excellent place for remote working. With a vibrant city, beautiful beaches, and lightning-fast internet, this is a remote worker’s paradise. This paradise Caribbean island is just about a 4-hour flight from New York and even closer to cities in Florida. 

If you happen to be from the USA, you won’t have to worry about visas, since Puerto Rico is a United States Territory. In fact, most, if not all USA cellphone plans include Puerto Rico in their coverage areas. The cost of living also isn’t very high, giving San Juan an even higher appeal. 

Because San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, getting blazing-fast internet speeds won’t be an issue. The majority of the island has great internet speeds, aside from certain areas in the mountains. Additionally, Puerto Rico has removed the capital gains tax for US citizens, which has grown the expat community here.

When you’re not working, some fun things to do in Puerto Rico include enjoying the beaches in and around San Juan, taking a day trip to El Yunque Rainforest, or even just enjoying the colorful town within Old San Juan.  

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

The thriving, cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a favorite destination for remote workers looking to enjoy one of Latin America’s liveliest cities.

Buenos Aires is one of your best options if you’re looking for big-city living in Latin America on a budget. You’ll be surprised that the cost of living is so low here, and while high inflation with the peso has posed a problem here for locals, it has been a boon for travelers and digital nomads.

Plus, Buenos Aires is packed with cafes and coworking spaces perfect for remote work. Internet is easily accessible – and fast – throughout the city.

There are plenty of great things to do in Buenos Aires, from sprawling parks and botanical gardens to salsa lessons and booming nightlife, plus delicious (if meat-heavy) food. If you somehow run out of things to do, a quick ferry ride across the river to Uruguay and you’ll be at some of the nicest beaches in South America.

Looking to spend time working remotely from Buenos Aires? Check out our ultimate digital nomad guide to Buenos Aires – I’ve loved spending time here and can’t wait to come back.

Medellin, Colombia

Easily one of the buzziest cities for digital nomads in Latin America, Medellin is a favorite spot for remote workers worldwide. Don’t let the reputation of Medellin from decades ago fool you – this is one of the liveliest and most thriving up-and-coming cities you’ll find in the Americas.

Remote workers will enjoy fast internet (available almost anywhere), ease of doing business, and central location between the United States / Canada and the rest of Latin America.

Plus, meeting other remote workers and digital nomads is easy in Medellin. There are plenty of cafes and coworking spaces around the city that cater to digital nomads and locals who work remotely, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with great people.

The cost of living in Medellin is relatively low, meaning no matter your income, spending time working remotely from Medellin is likely within your grasp.

The low cost of living will mean you’ll also have money left over to enjoy all the activities in Medellin and in the surrounding area, like exploring coffee plantations, great hiking, plenty of concerts and live music, and much more.

Plus, the travel experiences in Colombia are endless and generally quite affordable, like the epic multi-day Ciudad Perdida trek, visits to beautiful and historic mountain towns like Villa de Leyva, and beaches near Cartagena and all along the Caribbean coast.

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