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Starting a YouTube Travel Channel: A Digital Nomad’s Guide

Digital nomads who wish to earn a career as they travel the globe have an excellent option: starting a YouTube travel channel to document their travels and lifestyle. Some people could find this to be the perfect wandering profession, and many popular YouTubers in the travel niche already do this.

While there is a learning curve and some initial work required to start a YouTube travel channel, as there is with any digital nomad job or digital nomad business, you’ll find plenty of informative courses, services, and other guides available to ease the process.

The Advantages of Starting A YouTube Travel Channel As a Digital Nomad

Video is one of the most rapidly-growing ways to communicate and spread information. If you’ve seen Instagram’s transition to prioritization of Reels, or the rapid growth of TikTok, it’s clear that video content is the present and future.

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website, ranking second in global search engine use. It’s a perfect platform for monetizing your travel content. Here are some advantages to launching a YouTube travel channel that you should know:

  • Over time, you may gain money from each video you produce.
  • With a stable internet connection, you can create videos from any location. In addition, you’ll learn valuable skills like video editing, opening doors to lucrative freelancing opportunities.
  • Even though producing high-quality movies is time-consuming, you will eventually be able to outsource some aspects of the process, leaving you with more time for exploration.
  • It’s just one way to generate money online as a digital nomad. It doesn’t need to be your primary source of income, at least not right away. You can generate money as a digital nomad in other ways, including online retail, that might be more your style.
  • Much like blogging or podcasting, it’s a fantastic way to generate money doing something you love.
  • If you create a YouTube channel, you can make and use free YouTube outros and other easy tools to direct customers to your website or social media profiles for more engagement.

While the digital nomad lifestyle of travel is conducive to starting a YouTube travel channel, don’t feel that this is the only type of video content you can produce. Digital nomads have thriving YouTube channels that cover every topic under the sun. You may also make videos on anything else that interests you and about which you have extensive knowledge.

How to Start a Travel YouTube Channel?

One of the best things about producing a travel movie is that you can play the producer role and pick what you’ll do and how you’d like to shoot your narrative. You don’t have to wait for anybody else’s approval before you release the video. The following sections will go much further into each aspect of creating travel videos. While simplified, this guide should cover the most important aspects of launching your YouTube travel channel.

Pick a Channel Name

The first step in building a successful online identity is picking the correct name. Create a catchy name for your channel and ensure it’s not already in use. Defining your specialty can streamline your content creation process and help you reach an audience that cares about the same things you do.

There is no shortage of names to choose from, but you should choose one that accurately conveys who you are and what you specialize in. Better alignment means your videos will be more discoverable. Pick a name that is both memorable and unique. 

Post a YouTube Channel Trailer

Developing a channel trailer is the next step in launching your YouTube travel channel. This could be a short movie (about 60 seconds) that introduces your channel and the kind of material that viewers may expect to see from you.

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with this opportunity to introduce yourself and your channel. Remember that you can continually improve and update your channel trailer in the future, so don’t worry too much about getting everything right at the beginning.

Concentrate on interacting with the camera and outlining your channel’s mission.

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Create Exciting and Engaging Videos

Consistent video uploads are the backbone of every successful YouTube channel. The important thing is that you’re making videos and making them available to the public, regardless of how well they turn out. 

Your audience will begin to reveal their preferences when you consistently upload engaging content. Once you have that information, you can start working on ways to make your videos more engaging and interesting for viewers.

Sharing The Video

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably a creative type who enjoys sharing your videos on YouTube with the world. But how do you convince people to view a video once you have it?  Make sure you have a marketing strategy to share your content, and a YouTube SEO strategy to organically draw in viewers.

Another helpful piece of advice is to make shorter versions of your material that may be used in different contexts. A quick video for social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok is one possibility. This is a fantastic strategy for drawing in more viewers and spreading the word about your films. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to join a group. There are other YouTubers who share your interests and would be pleased to promote your videos and work together for mutual benefit.

Make Connections!

Communicate with your audience and other travel content makers. Get involved with the comments section, interact with other viewers who share your interests, and grow a following for your channel. This engagement is key to getting YouTube to show your video to more potential viewers.

You can even find local travel blogger meetups, or connect with other digital nomads who share their travels via YouTube or social media. Getting to know other professionals in your field in this manner is invaluable.

Make Sure to Upload Videos Regularly

Regular uploading is one of the most crucial aspects of becoming a successful travel YouTuber. It’s impossible to predict which video will go viral and get millions of views, so it’s critical to release fresh material consistently.

Find a plan that works for you, whether posting a video once a week or twice a week. However, don’t ignore quality in favor of quantity; spend sufficient time editing your films before sharing them.

Ads on YouTube

Spending money on efficient marketing is essential if you want your channel to develop and attract more viewers, both of which are necessary for generating revenue from advertising. Promoting each video will need to be done even as your channel increases subscriber numbers.

Good videos take time and effort to produce, but they won’t get any traction or subscribers if nobody watches them. So creators need to put effort into promoting their YouTube channel consistently.

Let’s Get Started

There has never been an ideal moment to launch a travel-themed channel on YouTube than the present. The travel sector is booming once again, creating an excellent environment for new travel-focused channels on YouTube. So get out there and start creating that viral travel content you’re envisioning!

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Carley Rojas Avila is a bilingual New York-based travel writer, editor, content marketer, and the founder of the digital travel publications Explorers Away and Home to Havana. Carley is an expert on all things Latin America, the Caribbean, and Cuba, having lived and worked in four different countries in the region. Her writing has appeared on the Associated Press wires and in Travel + Leisure, Yahoo, MSN, Euronews, The Weather Channel, and more. When she's not writing about her travels, find her front row at a Bad Bunny concert, befriending street cats, and taste-testing every pizza in Havana.