things to do in switzerland

25+ Best Things To Do in Switzerland [in 2023]

At the heart of the soaring Alps, Switzerland glistens like a gem – pure beauty and dazzle to enchant both first-time visitors and long-time admirers. From foodies embarking on an epic quest to find the country’s best cheeses and chocolates to avid adrenaline junkies looking for the next thrill, every traveler has a reason to add Switzerland to their bucket list, time and time again.

Switzerland is increasingly an all-seasons hotspot, so there’s no time to visit like the present. Planning the ultimate trip to Switzerland? This guide to the best things to do in Switzerland includes all the best places to visit, must-see attractions, and cultural events you won’t want to miss for a memorable trip.

things to do in switzerland

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Best Things To Do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a surprisingly small country, and with its great public transportation system you can easily explore most of Switzerland in just one trip. However, there are many more memorable sights and things to do in Switzerland than you might expect, which really makes it a destination that has something for everything.

Looking for a few quick top recommendations from this list that you truly can’t miss? Here are our top choices among the best things to do in Switzerland:

  • Explore the Jungfrau Region
  • Visit Zurich
  • Go Hiking
  • Ski in the Swiss Alps
  • Try Swiss Fondue

Of course, this is just the start of all the great activities in Switzerland and ways to enjoy this incredible country. Keep reading below for our full list of all the best places to visit in Switzerland and all the best attractions that make this such a memorable travel destination.

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25+ Things To Do in Switzerland

1. Explore the Jungfrau Region

If you only have time to explore just one area of Switzerland, let it be the Jungfrau Region. With some of the most dramatic snow-capped mountains in the Swiss Alps, tiny Alpine villages with timber-frame chalets, and all the adventurous things to do in Switzerland any traveler could ever ask for, Jungfrau is the most classically “Swiss” region of the country.

The Jungfrau Region sits nestled below the two glacier-fed lakes that embrace the city of Interlaken, consisting of the picturesque Grindelwald Valley and Lauterbrunnen Valley, which boast some of Switzerland’s most beautiful landscapes. Jungfrau’s car-free town of Mürren and nearby Wengen are some of the most charming villages in Switzerland.

A great public transportation system makes the Jungfrau Region easily accessible and an even more tempting addition to any itinerary. The small town of Grindelwald is a great base for exploring the region’s highlights, which include destinations like the Jungfraujoch, world-class hiking, and all the adventurous activities at Grindelwald First.

Jungfrau Travel Pass

If you’re heading to the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland, you’ll need the Jungfrau Travel Pass. Purchase passes online for unlimited access to the region’s trains, cable cars, and funiculars – trust us, you’ll need it!

2. Go Paragliding

The experience of paragliding is an incredible one anywhere, but when coupled with the stunning mountain views of the Swiss Alps, there’s truly nothing like it. Spend any amount of time in the gorgeous mountainous regions of the country, and you’ll see the skies dotted with colorful sails; paragliding is one of the best things to do in Switzerland – and the most popular!

While paragliding is a popular activity across Switzerland, it’s perhaps the most closely associated with the Jungfrau Region, where mountain views are the best. Cities like Interlaken, Grindelwald, and the small mountain villages that dot the area all boast tour operators that specialize in paragliding. If you’ll be in the area on your Switzerland itinerary, this is the place to do it.

If your travels won’t take you to the Lauterbrunnen Valley to glide past sheer cliffs with alpine village views, fear not. Other popular places to visit in Switzerland like Zermatt, Lucerne, and Verbier are also well known for paragliding excursions.

jungfraujoch switzerland
Courtesy of Jungfrau Region

3. Visit the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

Known as the Top of Europe, Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe – but it’s also so much more. Easily at the top of any list of must-visit destinations in Switzerland, Jungfraujoch sits perched above Europe’s largest glacier. With year-round snow and breathtaking mountain vistas, it gives visitors the feeling of having scaled the Alps without all the effort.

Take the Eiger Express cable car from Grindelwald to the rail line before emerging at the glass-enclosed Sphinx Observatory for breathtaking views. Visitors can also explore the Ice Palace with countless ice sculptures and ice-lined pathways, enjoy hot chocolate on the snow, or even zipline over the glacier. Jungfraujoch’s multiple restaurants mean you can spend the entire day enjoying this incredible peak at the top of Europe.

Jungfraujoch is a popular day trip spot, with travelers crossing the country every day just to reach it. While it’s best to visit Jungfraujoch with plenty of time to enjoy, either starting your day in Grindelwald for an early start or ending it there, it’s worth the visit no matter how you fit it into your itinerary.

These are the Jungfraujoch day trips we recommend:

4. Try Swiss Fondue

If eating as much fondue as possible isn’t at the top of your list of things to do in Switzerland, I don’t know what is! What started centuries ago as a way for farming families to use products like stale bread and leftover cheese to stretch meals is now the most iconically Swiss dish, a fixture on what seems like every menu in the country.

While there are numerous regional variations and differences in fondue recipes, most use a combination of cheeses like Gruyère, Emmental, or Fribourg mixed with a dash of wine. This tends to yield the perfectly creamy, dippable mix to pair with pieces of bread, meats, potatoes, and more.

best things to do in grindelwald
Courtesy of Jungfrau Region

5. Visit Grindelwald

One of the most idyllic mountain towns in Switzerland, Grindelwald packs a punch when it comes to charm, character, and mountain views. More than just another addition to your Switzerland travel itinerary, it’s the perfect base for exploring the Jungfrau Region and has endless activities to offer.

Among what feels like an unending list of things to do in Grindelwald is visiting the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, easily accessible via the Eiger Express cable car departing from Grindelwald Terminal. After a day on the glacier, exploring nearby mountain villages like Lauterbrunnen, Murren, and Wengen is a must. Nearby treks like the one from Schynige Platte to First or from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg are renowned for stunning mountain views.

Plenty of gorgeous accommodations in Grindelwald and a surprisingly diverse and delicious local food scene make this small town a great place to stay. Travelers can easily enjoy four or five days based in Grindelwald and still feel like there is more to see and do.

Where To Stay in Grindelwald

grindelwald first

6. Fly High at Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First is so special that it deserves its own mention on our list of the best things to do in Switzerland. Even if you don’t spend much time in Grindelwald, the minor summit of the Schwarzhorn mountain known as First (pronounced “fear-st”) is a destination you won’t want to skip.

Take the cable car to the top of First, and you’ll immediately see why: this mountain spot above the Grindelwald Valley boasts some of the most stunning views in the Jungfrau Region, with a particularly dramatic view of the imposing north face of the Eiger, and the legendary Jungfrau mountain after which the region is named.

Start a visit by venturing onto the First Cliff Walk, suspended over the plunging mountainside, before embarking on the short but impressive walk to the crystalline Lake Bachalpsee. Then, fly up and down the mountain on the zipline, mountain flier, trotti bikes, and mountain carts at First, each offering more of a thrill than the last.

Enjoying First all takes an entire day, so plan on spending at least the following night in one of Grindelwald’s many family-owned boutique hotels.

7. Cruise the Rhine

It’s the most stylish, hassle-free way to experience some of Europe’s most beautiful cities: cruising down the Rhine River cutting through Switzerland, France, and Germany before reaching the coast at Amsterdam. After enjoying all the most incredible things to do in Switzerland, a Rhine river cruise is the best way to extend your itinerary.

Rhine river cruises generally depart from northern Switzerland’s cultural capital of Basel, winding their way down the river before arriving in Amsterdam within around a week. However, you can find cruises that last all different durations, with options that take much longer to maximize excursions to riverfront cities and towns along the route.

harder kulm interlaken

8. Take in the View Over Interlaken at Harder Kulm

The lakeside city of Interlaken is a breathtakingly beautiful destination, but there’s no better way to experience it than from above. Take the 10-minute funicular ride straight up the mountain to reach the stunning panoramic point known as Harder Kulm. The funicular is included as part of the Jungfrau Travel Pass, yet another reason to grab this indispensable transportation pass if you’ll be spending any time in the Jungfrau Region during your trip.

At the top, incredible views and a restaurant await. Take in the panoramic vistas from the viewing platform or head out on one of a number of hikes that offer even more beautiful viewpoints along the way.

There’s plenty more to do in Interlaken than just enjoying its unmatched surroundings, making this one of the top cities in Switzerland for visitors. Spend at least one day exploring Interlaken’s historic center and strolling by the lakes before embarking on a cruise on the lake, a mountain hike, or one of Switzerland’s most famous paragliding experiences.

Where To Stay in Interlaken

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9. Explore the Italian Side of Switzerland

The southernmost region of Switzerland is nestled snuggly along the northern border of Italy, offering far-off views of Switzerland’s iconic mountains but with the almost Mediterranean climate and rich culinary traditions of Italy. The Ticino Region feels totally unique to the quaint fairytale villages and green pastures that dot the high Alps – and that’s why it’s a must on your Switzerland itinerary.

Highlights of a trip to the Ticino Region include spending a day or two exploring Bellinzona, famous for its three unique fortified castles – it’s one of the best things to do in Switzerland for history lovers, though everyone will fall in love with Bellinzona’s charm.

From there, head south and make the journey up San Salvatore mountain via the funicular for spectacular views over Lake Lugano and its eponymous lakeside town. You’ll also want to visit the Verzasca Dam near Locarno, made famous in a James Bond movie and known for its crystal clear waters.

Leonid_Andronov / Depositphotos

10. Take in the Art and Culture of Basel

Known as the capital of art and culture in Switzerland, the city of Basel is a destination that will fill your itinerary whether you love museum-hopping or prefer a guided tour through historic streets instead. Parts of Basel’s impressive historic center date back to the 12th century, while destinations like the Kunstmuseum hold the works of some of Europe’s most revered artists. A walking tour of Basel is a must.

It’s not the only reason to add a visit to Basel to your Switzerland itinerary. Considered one of the most attractive cities in Switzerland for travelers, Basel also boasts everything from a renowned Christmas market to a famous carnival that has been designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Nearby northern Swiss highlights include the idyllic town of Stein am Rhein and the Rhine Falls. Or, see the rest of Europe in style by jumping on a Rhine river cruise; Basel is famously known as the point of departure for many such cruises through France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Where To Stay in Basel

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11. Go Hiking

Switzerland is crisscrossed with what seems like an infinite number of fantastic hiking trails, ranging from easy, family-friendly panoramic trails to multi-day treks that will test even the most experienced hiker. Whether you’re an avid hiker or a beginner, hiking is one of the best things to do in Switzerland – there’s no denying it!

While the mountainous areas of the Swiss Alps like the Bernese Oberland and Valais tend to have the most renowned hiking trails with the biggest payoff in terms of views, there’s really no destination in Switzerland that doesn’t have at least a handful of great hikes to choose from.

Here are a few particularly impressive and memorable destinations in Switzerland for hiking, though this short is just scratching the surface:

The Eiger Trail

Climb in the shadow of the dramatic north face of one of Switzerland’s most iconic mountains on the Eiger Trail. Start the journey by taking the train from Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg and start the downhill 6-kilometer trek towards town for a memorable and relatively easy excursion offering unmatched views of the Grindelwald Valley.

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The Matterhorn Trek

For the best incredible views of the Matterhorn, there’s nothing like embarking on the 5-day, 46.5-kilometer Matterhorn Trek. Starting and ending in Zermatt, this legendary hike is challenging but well worth it. Beginners should instead opt for the Matterhorn Glacier Trail, which is considered relatively easy but still provides stunning views.

Schynige Platte to Grindelwald First

Take the bright-red vintage train to Schynige Platte for the panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Or, make it the start of one of the most memorable hikes in the Jungfrau Region. This 16-kilometer hike isn’t overly challenging, though it does include approximately 1000m of elevation gain over its course. Stunning views make this 6-hour adventure well worth it.

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12. Visit the Lindt Factory in Zurich

Would it be a trip to Switzerland without taste-testing some of the world’s finest Swiss chocolate? Even if you just grab a few bars of Swiss chocolate from the grocery store you’re in for a treat, but there’s no better way to experience the best of Swiss chocolate than on a tour at the famous Lindt Home of Chocolate in Zurich.

The Chocolate Tour at Lindt includes plenty of information and fun, interactive exhibits about the history and methodology behind producing one of Switzerland’s most famous products, as well as a factory tour. Explore with a guide or independently, and best of all, enjoy unlimited chocolate tasting along the way.

Lindt is located about ten minutes south of Zurich by train, making it quite accessible from Zurich whether by car or public transportation. Make sure to book the experience in advance – it often sells out!

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13. Spot the Matterhorn

The Matterhorn sits near the Switzerland-Italy border and is easily visible above the town of Zermatt, a charming small town considered one of the best ski resort towns in the country. With its iconic pyramidal peak dramatically cutting through blue skies, the Matterhorn is one of the most recognizable symbols in the country, and spotting it is one of the best things to do in Switzerland.

From Zermatt, there are a number of stunning viewpoints that offer particularly impressive views of the Matterhorn, though it’s visible from almost everywhere. Take the Gornergrat Bahn railway to the summit of the nearby Gornergrat peak for particularly memorable mountain views and a train experience among the best things to do in Switzerland.

Hikers will have plenty of ways to enjoy views as well. The easy Matterhorn Trail and Matterhorn Glacier Trail are easier options that take less than two and a half hours each and provide incredible vistas. Or, embark on the multi-day Matterhorn Trek, which takes trekkers on a loop through the region from mountain hut to mountain hut for a five-day adventure sure to be a highlight of a trip to Switzerland.

Where To Stay in Zermatt

grand hotel bad ragaz
Courtesy of Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz

14. Hit the Spa

Switzerland has a rich spa tradition, with locals and visitors alike long flocking to natural hot springs and baths found nestled among mountains around the country. Nowadays the tradition prevails, meaning that a proper experience at a Swiss spa is among the things to do in Switzerland that any traveler can enjoy.

The fairytale mountain village of Leukerbad has for centuries been one of the favorite destinations for wellness-minded travelers in Switzerland, though there are many to choose from. Another small spa-centric town in Switzerland is Bad Ragaz near the border of Liechtenstein. It’s home to one of the country’s most well-known wellness hotels: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

For a spa experience without leaving the city, The Dolder Grand in Zurich is a must. Views over the city from this historic hotel and spa are just the start of an experience here. The expansive spa offers everything from steam baths and relaxation rooms to Japanese-inspired treatments.

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15. Ride the Glacier Express

Whether it be traveling by cable car, funicular, or train, taking public transportation is one of the best things to do in Switzerland. Switzerland’s Glacier Express, however, stands out among countless other train journeys, having snatched numerous awards as among the most beautiful train rides in the world.

Cutting through the Swiss Alps on a seven-and-a-half hour journey between the ski resort towns of Zermatt and St. Moritz, the Glacier Express provides a train ride that is all about the experience, though the destination isn’t half bad either! While the ride is a long one, the constantly changing views and delicious cuisine provided along the way makes the journey unforgettable.

The train runs from December through October each year, with trains departing at least once a day throughout the season. An additional journey is added in the spring and summer to account for higher demand during the warm-weather seasons.

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16. Ski the Swiss Alps

It’s a winter destination worthy of a spot at the top of any adventurous traveler’s bucket list. The dramatic Swiss Alps, with miles-long glaciers and fresh, powdery slopes are a wintery paradise for skiers, snowboarders, and even the après-ski crowd happy to enjoy a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.

You’ll have no trouble finding a great place to ski in Switzerland; the trouble may be more in narrowing down your options from the endless list. Family-friendly yet thrilling resort towns like Engelberg and Grimentz are popular even with beginner skiers, while there’s nothing like sailing down the slopes in the shadow of the Matterhorn in Zermatt.

For those looking to experience the posh winter wonderlands of Europe’s elite, head to St. Moritz or Gstaad, where you’re bound to bump into a celebrity on the streets or the slopes. These two memorable resort towns are perfect for enjoying some of the country’s best shopping and most luxurious spa resorts after a day of soaring over fresh powder.

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17. Explore Zurich

Your first stop in Switzerland might be the international airport in Zurich but don’t make this your last stop in Switzerland’s largest city. The historic streets and cosmopolitan corners of Zurich have plenty that travelers won’t want to miss before embarking on the rest of their Switzerland itinerary.

Start a visit to Zurich by taking in the city’s oldest monuments, nestled along either side of the Limmet River. Riverfront views from Täufergedenkplatte can be a perfect way to get your bearings in the city before exploring the rest of the historic Lindenhof and equally charming Niederhof neighborhoods. The historic Grossmünster and Fraumünster churches are unmissable; the latter even boasts stained glass panels by Marc Chagall.

Zurich is much more than its historic center, so make sure to spend time exploring more modern areas of the city. Window shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse is a must; it’s considered one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world. For a further taste of Swiss luxury, there’s nowhere better to stay in Zurich than at the iconic Dolder Grand, with its spa and grand rooms overlooking the city.

Where To Stay in Zurich

18. Explore Switzerland’s Largest Historic Center

Home to the United Nations and countless other international organizations, Geneva boasts a reputation as one of Europe’s most important modern capitals, though history has proven it has long been one of the most important cities in Switzerland – and it shows.

Geneva is home to Switzerland’s largest historical city center, packed with charming streets and age-old buildings and churches that will impress. Among countless ways to enjoy an afternoon in Geneva, make sure to climb the tower at St. Pierre’s Cathedral for an unforgettable view of the lake and the Jet d’Eau in the distance.

As the home church of John Calvin, St. Pierre’s Cathedral has played an indelible role in religious history. From there, head to the oldest square in Geneva, Place Bourg-de-Four, before heading down into the network of passages that cuts under the historic city (Passage de Monetier is the most well-known). It’s a spooky but informative look at the city’s fascinating past.

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19. Travel By Train and Cable Car to Rigi and Pilatus

High above the waters of Lake Lucerne and just beyond the bounds of the city, two of Switzerland’s most famous mountains – Rigi and Pilatus – stand tall and offer stunning Alpine and lake views that will take your breath away. For travelers looking for some of the best viewpoints in the country, there are no better things to do in Switzerland than heading to these idyllic summits.


Known as the “Queen of the Mountains,” Rigi towers over the eastern side of Lucerne, accessible from charming mountain villages like Weggis and easily accessible via a number of ways to reach its summit. Most visitors choose to take one of two different cogwheel railways to Rigi Kulm or opt for one of a number of cable cars that reach Mt. Rigi.


The Pilatus Railway that chugs from Alpnachstad to the Esel summit of Pilatus is known as the steepest rack railway in the world – at one point it has a gradient of 48%! This journey is an integral part of the experience of enjoying a visit to Pilatus, open to visitors from May through November. Or, take the cable car from Kriens year-round for stunning panorama walks at the summit or more challenging hiking options beyond.

20. Take a Day Trip to Liechtenstein

The small independent principality of Liechtenstein is nestled along the eastern border of Switzerland. Now one of the world’s smallest countries, this tiny nation is the vestige of the days of city-states and feudal lords that once ruled Central Europe. It’s an attractive addition to your itinerary whether you’re excited about adding more stamps to your passport or taking in Liechtenstein’s age-old castles and cathedrals.

Liechtenstein is an easy day trip from most of central and eastern Switzerland, with organized day trips from larger cities like Zurich making for an easy way to visit. Travelers will want to couple their visit with a trip to the nearby town of Appenzell, where colorful gabled buildings will live up to the fairytale Swiss mountain villages you’ve long dreamed of visiting.

chateau de chillon
saiko3p / Depositphotos

21. Visit the Château de Chillon

Suspended over the waves of the spring-fed Lake Geneva, Château de Chillon is considered one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval castles – and it shows. Château de Chillon is easily one of the most popular places to visit in the country, making a visit to this waterfront beauty one of the best things to do in Switzerland – hands down.

Enjoy a guided tour through Château de Chillon’s numerous chambers, suites, and gardens as part of a day trip to the castle from Geneva. Alternatively, spend at least a night in Montreux, the small town surrounding the Château. It’s a refreshing break from Geneva and a beautiful spot, as evidenced by its nickname: the Swiss Riviera.

22. Spot the Rhine Falls

Europe’s largest-volume waterfall is located near the northern border of Switzerland, cutting dramatically across the continent’s most famous river.

The Rhine Falls aren’t the plunging falls you might be expecting, like Niagara Falls or Iguazu Falls, but that doesn’t make them less impressive; they’re among the best places to visit in Switzerland. Taking in the power and spray of the falls from nearby viewing platforms is a must, while boat trips that approach the churning waters are an even more memorable addition to a visit.

Experience the Rhine Falls on a day trip from Zurich, or spend an overnight in the area to enjoy both the falls and the charming and historic village of Stein am Rhein, another must-visit spot just half an hour upriver.

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23. Walk Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge

A unique covered footbridge cutting diagonally across the river Reuss in the heart of historic Lucerne is one of the most iconic pictures of a Swiss city renowned for its quaint charm. Draped with colorful flowers in the summertime and beautifully illuminated for evening strolls, the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) is among the best things to do in Switzerland.

The Chapel Bridge is really just the start of one of a number of impressive and historic attractions in Lucerne that make it one of the best cities in Switzerland for travelers. Spend at least a day enjoying the most beautiful parts of the city before embarking on day trips to either Mount Rigi or Mount Pilatus – or both! – for panoramic views over Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

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24. Visit the Medieval Town of Stein Am Rhein

There’s no lack of stunning mountain villages and timber-frame towns hidden among the green pastures and snow-capped peaks of Switzerland – but Stein am Rhein is something special.

This historic town on the banks of the Rhine is known for its well-preserved half-timbered homes, ornately painted with dramatic frescos. A Benedictine monastery and a medieval castle, both boasting incredible views, complete what is among the most beautiful villages in Switzerland.

Stein Am Rhein is a popular day trip destination from Zurich, and when combined with the nearby Rhine Falls, it makes for an incredible and easy excursion to the north of Switzerland. Plan on visiting on a hassle-free small-group excursion from Zurich, or even better, enjoy an overnight nearby to see the area when the day trippers leave.

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25. Enjoy Switzerland’s Christmas Markets

While neighboring France and Germany might steal some of Switzerland’s shine when it comes to enjoying the festive season at Christmas markets, Switzerland boasts an array of Christmas markets you won’t want to miss.

The most impressive markets in Switzerland tend to be in larger cities like Zurich, though smaller Basel and Bern boast two of the country’s favorite market experiences. The lakeside market in the smaller town of Montreux – home to Château de Chillon – is another underrated favorite. One-day and weekend-only markets in Jungfrau mountain villages are also a favorite even locals like to keep quiet.

Even better? Christmas markets in Switzerland don’t tend to be as crowded with throngs of tourists as those in neighboring countries can be. Switzerland might just be the next biggest destination for travelers looking to get into the Christmas spirit.

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