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15 Most Impressive Mountains in Switzerland (You Must Visit!)

With over 60% of its territory covered in mountains, it’s hard to find a destination in Switzerland that doesn’t boast inspiring vistas. Few areas of Switzerland are more stunningly mountainous than the Jungfrau Region, home to the likes of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, but wherever your Switzerland itinerary takes you, you’re bound to be impressed by the views.

Among the endless peaks that dot the Swiss Alps, which are the most dramatic? These 15 mountains in Switzerland are among the country’s impressive giants that you won’t want to miss.

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Courtesy of Jungfrau Region

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Mountains in Switzerland

1. Jungfrau

The tallest of the famed Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau trio of mountains in the Bernese Alps, Jungfrau is among the most famous mountains in Switzerland. Inaugurated in 1912, the Jungfrau Railway put this mountain on the map, and it’s still one of the most impressive destinations in Switzerland, now home to the Sphinx Observation Deck and much more.

The best way to appreciate the Jungfrau is by taking the trip to the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe, renowned for being the highest train station in Europe. Take the Eiger Express cable car from Grindelwald above the valley for sweeping vistas before reaching the railway, which carries passengers up to 11,362 feet (3,463 meters) high above Europe’s longest glacier.

Despite its imposing, snow-covered appearance, climbing Jungfrau is possible even for less experienced hikers. Most begin the journey at Jungfraujoch and begin the 4-hour ascent after spending the night at Mönchsjochhütte. Those who want to enjoy Jungfrau without a push to the summit can do so by taking in the views from Kleine Scheidegg or other hiking spots in the area.

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2. Matterhorn

The most distinctive mountain in Switzerland is undoubtedly the Matterhorn, known for its dramatic and crooked yet symmetrical, pyramid-shaped peak. Standing at 14,692 feet (4,478 meters) it is one of the highest peaks in Europe and towers above the famous Theodul Pass, which has been a trade route through the Swiss Alps since the Roman Empire.

The Matterhorn is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy, overlooking the famed resort town of Zermatt, one of a number of cities in Switzerland best known for their skiing. Summiting the Matterhorn is a true feat of alpinism that has claimed many lives over the years, but the five-day Matterhorn Trek that takes hikers around the mountain in a loop is a much more achievable hike.

Or, take the Gornergrat Bahn railway to the summit of nearby Gornergrat for incredible Matterhorn views. It’s an easy way to enjoy views of this world-famous Switzerland mountain and the start of numerous treks in the area.

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3. Mönch

With an elevation of 13,480 feet (4,110 meters), towering Mönch sits among its neighboring Eiger and Jungfrau as is one of the most beautiful mountains in Switzerland and certainly in the Bernese Alps. The Jungfraujoch railway runs directly beneath the summit of Mönch on its way to the glass Sphinx Observatory, known as the Top of Europe.

Climbing the snow-covered Mönch is a feat best left to the most experienced climbers and requires technical gear. However, Mönch is the most frequently submitted among the three peaks in the region, with many climbers conquering its Southeast Ridge.

While other routes that crisscross Mönch on the way to the summit can be more challenging, there are countless trails that allow less experienced trekkers to enjoy its beauty, including easily accessible routes via the Jungfraujoch railway station.

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4. Eiger

Eiger, located in the picturesque Jungfrau Region of the Bernese Alps, is famous for its formidable north face, known as the “Eiger Nordwand,” which makes it one of the most distinctive mountains in Switzerland.

A stay in the shadow of the Eiger in the magical mountain town of Grindelwald is the best way to experience this dramatic peak first-hand. Take in the views from the restaurant or plush rooms at the Boutique Hotel Glacier or by simply strolling through town. Of course, the Eiger Express that ferries visitors to Jungfraujoch is also a must for experiencing one of the most impressive mountains in Switzerland.

Climbing the Eiger’s north face is a demanding and dangerous feat that should only be attempted by the most experienced of mountaineers, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the mountain. Treks like the Eiger Trail and the Panorama Trail offer incredible views while being more accessible ways to appreciate the mountain.

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5. Pilatus

Towering over the western shores of Lake Lucerne, Pilatus is one of the most iconic and frequently-visited mountains in Switzerland, offering sweeping views over the lake and across numerous other peaks in the Central Swiss Alps. At 6,983 ft (2,128 meters), it isn’t one of the highest-elevation mountains in Switzerland, but it’s certainly a memorable one.

The Pilatus Railway that chugs from Alpnachstad to the Esel summit of Pilatus is known as the steepest rack railway in the world – at one point it has a gradient of 48%! It makes for a memorable ride that itself is an integral part of the experience of enjoying a visit to Pilatus, open from May through November. Visitors can also get to the summit via a cable car from Kriens, available year-round.

Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy various trails around and near Pilatus, such as the easy Dragon Moor Path, which winds through lush landscapes and offers information about the history of the mountain, or more demanding climbs to the peak’s minor summits.

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6. Rigi

While Mt. Pilatus towers over the western side of Lucerne, Mt. Rigi sits high above its eastern side, near the small but stunning mountain town of Weggis on the lake’s shores. Often referred to as the “Queen of the Mountains,” Rigi is a small peak with less than 6,000 feet in elevation, though frequently visited, easily accessible, and offers stunning views.

Vistas across Lake Lucerne and the surrounding mountainsides make Mt. Rigi a favorite with day trippers from Lucerne, though the mountain is also a popular and achievable one to summit in a trek that takes under three hours. Most visitors choose to take one of two different cogwheel railways to Rigi Kulm or opt for one of a number of cable cars that reach Mt. Rigi.

The route to reach Rigi from Weggis – one of the most charming mountain villages in the Swiss Alps – is a particularly beloved way to visit the summit.

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7. Schwarzhorn

Standing opposite the dramatic trio of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps, Schwarzhorn is an impressive peak of nearly 10,000 feet, considered the tallest mountain north of the Grosse Scheidegg Pass.

Schwarzhorn is itself a stunning sight to behold, but it’s also known as one of the most beautiful lookouts in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland for its views over the town of Grindelwald and the snowcapped peaks to its south.

Most visitors know the Schwarzhorn as the home of Grindelwald-First, with First considered a minor summit of Schwarzhorn. Take the cable car up to First and spend a day enjoying adventurous activities like mountain carts, trotti bikes, and an incredible zipline – they’re some of the best things to do in Grindelwald and offer a memorable way to enjoy a day on the mountain.

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8. Finsteraarhorn

The highest peak in the Bernese Alps and among the tallest mountains in Switzerland, Finsteraarhorn is a dramatic, snow-capped giant located in one of the most remote areas of the Swiss Alps.

Entirely surrounded by glacial valleys and minor peaks, it is infrequently visited, though accessible with the correct gear. The challenging and sometimes dangerous summit is reserved for only experienced mountaineers, though conquerable with expert local guides.

Despite its remote location and somewhat hidden position behind the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau, Finsteraarhorn is dramatically visible from Grindelwald and the surrounding area from several key locations due to its height. One of the most impressive views of the peak is visible from Schynige Platte just outside of Grindelwald.

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9. Piz Bernina

Piz Bernina is a mountain in Switzerland with plenty of superlatives: it’s both the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps and the highest peak in the Bernina Range, as well as being the fifth most prominent peak in the Alps.

While Piz Bernina is quite isolated and surrounded entirely by glaciers, it sits on the Swiss-Italian border near the posh ski town of St. Moritz, making it particularly well-known among mountains in Switzerland. Numerous ski lifts in the area offer dramatic views of the mountain, though taking the cable car to the viewing terrace at Diavolezza is the best way to enjoy views of this snow-capped giant.

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10. Titlis

Just south of Lucerne, Titlis stands at just over 10,000 feet of elevation (3,238 meters). This mountain towers dramatically over the town of Engelberg, which is one of Switzerland’s favorite skiing destinations. The high altitudes at Mt. Titlis mean that skiers can enjoy the slopes from as early as October until May.

Titlis is also a favorite mountain in Switzerland even for non-skiers due to its Titlis Rotair cable car, the first cable car in the world to rotate as it moves for an even more impressive way to experience the views. At the top, visitors can also enjoy plenty of adventurous activities, including a dramatic suspension bridge, zipline, and access to illuminated glacier caves to explore.

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11. Monte Rosa

Nestled along the Swiss-Italian border, Monte Rosa is one of the most renowned among Switzerland mountains, standing at 15,203 feet of elevation. The Dufourspitze peak of Monte Rosa is the highest point in Switzerland, second just to Mont Blanc as the highest peak in the entire Alps and all of Western Europe; the entirety of the peak is located on the Swiss side of the border.

Climbing Monte Rosa is possible, though challenging, and requires a good amount of prior alpine climbing experience. For a more relaxed way to enjoy Monte Rosa, stay in the ski resort town of Zermatt and embark on several of the great hikes with mountain views in the area. There’s a particularly famous Monte Rosa – Matterhorn loop that is challenging but impressive, rewarding trekkers with unmatched views of both mountains.

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12. Männlichen

At just 7,687 feet (2,342 meters) Männlichen is tiny in comparison to the towering Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau visible from its slopes in the Bernese Alps. However, this popular mountain is a favorite destination for both casual visitors and avid hikers alike, earning it a spot on our list of the best mountains in Switzerland for travelers to visit.

Männlichen is accessible via the Grindelwald Terminal using the Männlichen cable car or from the charming mountain village of Wengen using a separate cable car. With just a fifteen-minute, relaxed hike to the summit from the cable car stations, it’s touted as a family-friendly mountain destination.

Hikers looking for a little more of a dramatic challenge will also love the numerous hiking trails that embark from Männlichen. The 1 ½ hour hike to Kleine Scheidegg is relatively easy but offers a huge payoff with spectacular views of nearby mountains. Hikers can also summit Männlichen from below or extend their hike to Kleine Scheidegg through nearby meadows at Biglenalp and Metlanalp where cows graze for the ultimate Swiss hiking experience.

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piz nair
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13. Piz Nair

Among the mountains encircling St. Moritz, Piz Nair is one of the most famous slopes in Switzerland, offering stunning vistas of numerous nearby peaks and of the famous ski resort town below. While it may not be the highest or most dramatic mountain in the area, it’s certainly one of the most well-known.

The ski slopes on Piz Nair are legendary, having hosted the skiing events in the 1948 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz. It’s a destination that continues to host downhill ski competitions at the highest level. Non-skiers can appreciate the slopes by taking a cable car to the top.

Hiking to the top of Piz Nair is a relatively easy journey, though not as frequently attempted thanks to the cable car that climbs its slopes. However, from the top of the cable car many travelers embark on a panoramic trail, visiting the brilliant blue Lej Alv lake on the mountainside.

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14. Säntis

Located in the northeast corner of Switzerland, Säntis reaches 8,209 feet (2,502 meters) – nothing compared to the heights of the Bernese Alps, but towering in an area of the country with few such peaks. Säntis is located just a stone’s throw from the international border between Switzerland and tiny Lichtenstein; it is the tallest peak in an area known as the Appenzell Alps and is known for its panoramic views.

Säntis is a challenging but rewarding peak with a number of different paths leading to its summit, making it a favorite destination for trekkers looking for a unique experience. No special gear is required, making it a challenge that even less experienced hikers can accomplish. There’s also a cable car to the peak from Schwägalp.

san salvatore
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15. San Salvatore

Get a feel for the Italian side of Switzerland by visiting San Salvatore, towering over Lake Lugano in this lush, almost Mediterranean region of Switzerland. San Salvatore stands at just 2,992 feet, making it look more like a hill when compared to glacier-covered peaks in the Bernese Alps like the Jungfrau or Finsteraarhorn, but it’s a stunning destination for travelers nonetheless.

San Salvatore is easily accessible both by hiking and taking a funicular up the mountainside, making it a favorite destination for visitors exploring the region and it’s even a popular day trip destination from Milan and nearby Lake Como. Many visitors take the funicular to the top before hiking down or take on the Via Ferrata along the rock face for an even bigger adrenaline rush.

Switzerland Mountains

While these impressive Switzerland mountains may not be a complete list of the tallest or most prominent peaks around the country, these dramatic mountains are among the most important and renowned features of the Swiss “skyline.” Whether you’re looking for a multi-day trek through a mountain pass or cable car views of the most impressive slopes in the Alps, these mountains in Switzerland are sure to inspire you.

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