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15 Best Cities in Colombia To Visit in 2024

Colombia is so much more than its metropolises like sprawling Medellin and Bogotá – it’s also unique historical destinations like Ciudad Perdida, charming villages nestled among the mountainsides, pristine beaches and tropical islands, and even the Amazon Rainforest!

Looking for the best destinations to visit in Colombia on your trip? We’ve picked from some of the cities in Colombia that we most enjoyed on our journeys through the country – these are the must-visit spots that are putting Colombia on the map as a destination for all kinds of travel.

best cities in colombia

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Cities in Colombia

1. Medellin

From the most dangerous city in the world to one of Colombia’s most popular travel destinations, Medellin’s transformation in the past few decades has been nothing short of astonishing. This thriving metropolis is now a hotspot for digital nomads in Latin America, an obligatory stop on a South America backpacking itinerary, and a must for travelers in Colombia.

The city is packed with unique destinations, and there are plenty of things to do in Medellin for visitors. From hikes through the surrounding mountains to markets, historic architecture, impressive museums, and trendy cafes and bars with pulsing nightlife, Medellin will keep you busy no matter your interest.

Medellin is also an excellent base for exploring the nearby coffee triangle, just one of many great options for day trips in Medellin. You’ll also want to check out the nearby town of Guatapé, a must-visit town with colorful architecture, a beautiful lake, and the towering rock known as the Peñón de Guatapé. Climbing El Peñon is a must for a gorgeous view over the lake, and it is one of South America’s most famous landmarks.

Where To Stay in Medellin

popayan colombia
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2. Popayán

If visiting a major metropolis like Medellin isn’t quite your travel style, consider traveling to Popayán for a much more relaxed city in Colombia. Known as Colombia’s “white city” for its beautiful and historic whitewashed architecture, Popayán is charming, laid back, and well-located for exploring the rest of southern Colombia.

Exploring the historic center of Popayán is the easiest way to get the lay of the land, and visitors will enjoy visiting the many beautiful churches, plazas, and other unique white buildings that give the city its famous nickname.

You can’t come to Popayán without digging into some delicious local eats. Popayán is recognized by UNESCO as a City of Gastronomy, a unique identifier celebrating Popayán’s important role in shaping Colombian cuisine. Try tamales and empanadas “de pipián,” containing a peanut and potato stew unique to the area.

Where To Stay in Popayán

manizales colombia

3. Manizales

Located in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero – the coffee-growing region! – Manizales and its surroundings are one of the best cities in Colombia to try the country’s best coffee. Head to a coffee plantation or small farm and learn, smell, and taste your way through the region.

Even if you’re more excited about the surroundings of Manizales than the city itself, make sure to hit the city’s highlights, including the cable car and the impressive cathedral. The highlight is the view from the church’s spire, which gives an incredible perspective over the city and the mountains beyond the city limits.

Manizales is also next door to the Los Nevados National Park, home to some of South America’s most impressive volcanoes. It makes for a unique backdrop for the city.

While the Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado del Tolima, and Nevado de Santa Isabel volcanoes are challenging climbs, there is much more to a visit to the park. You’ll see unique flora and fauna, glaciers, wax palms in the Cócora Valley to the south, and frailejones found in páramo ecosystems in Colombia and Ecuador.

Where To Stay in Manizales

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best things to do in cartagena

4. Cartagena

By far the most popular city in Colombia on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is a much-loved travel destination visited by well over three million visitors every year. Best known for its beautiful walled city from its days as an important Spanish colonial port, the city has countless attractions that have drawn more and more visitors each year.

In Cartagena, you’ll want to take in all the historic buildings at the heart of Old Town, including churches, plazas, and more. Plus, explore the other neighborhoods in the walled city, like trendy Getsemani, with its abundance of street art, cafes, restaurants, boutique hotels, and hostels.

If you’re looking for Cartagena’s beaches, head to Isla Barú, just 45 minutes from downtown Cartagena, for the aptly-name white sand beach Playa Blanca. From there, head to the Rosario Islands, just a short speedboat ride away.

While Cartagena can get crowded during high travel season, especially when cruise ships pull into the port, its unique combination of history, modern luxuries, and pristine beaches makes it a worthwhile addition to your Colombia itinerary.

Where To Stay in Cartagena

san gil colombia

5. San Gil

Hidden among the mountains between Bogotá and Bucaramanga, San Gil is a small city best known as the adventure sports capital of Colombia. While its adventure sports land the city squarely on Colombia’s backpacking trail, adventurous travelers on any budget will find that San Gil has something for them.

Highlights of San Gil’s adventure sports offerings include multiple grades of whitewater rafting, canyoning, hiking, biking, paragliding, bungee jumping, and exploring the area’s many caves and waterfalls. It’s more than enough for a single trip! Regardless of your interest, this laidback town has so much to offer.

Where To Stay in San Gil

bogota colombia
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6. Bogotá

No matter where you’re traveling in Colombia, chances are you’ll stop in Bogotá, whether it’s on the way into the country or just passing through. However, don’t write off the capital city of Colombia for its size: this city has plenty to see and do that easily earns it a spot on the list of the best cities in Latin America for travelers.

You’ll love Bogotá’s historic neighborhood, La Candelaría, filled with charming architecture, cute cafes and restaurants, and cobblestone streets that feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the more modern parts of the city.

The famous Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) is a highlight of a visit to Colombia, even if you’re not a museum lover, and climbing Montserrate and taking in the views from the cable car or funicular is a must. Bogotá is also a fantastic spot from which to explore the surrounding countryside, especially the famous small towns in the mountains that retain their historic charm, including Villa de Leyva, Jardin, Salento, and more.

Where To Stay in Bogotá

salento colombia

7. Salento

Located in Colombia’s coffee country, the draw of one of the world’s best cups is enough to bring many travelers to Salento. However, the stunning Valle de Corcora, one of the best places to hike in Colombia and famous for its towering wax palm trees, is the true attraction.

While Salento may be best known as the gateway to the Valle de Corcora, that doesn’t mean the city itself doesn’t have its own attractions. This tiny city is beautiful, with historic streets, colorful buildings, and great views. Make sure to hike up to the “mirador” that looks out directly over the town to take in its beauty among the surrounding mountainside.

Where To Stay in Salento

best things to do in barranquilla

8. Barranquilla

Located on the Caribbean Sea, Barranquilla is normally passed over by visitors headed to the more charming cities of Cartagena or Santa Marta.

However, there is one time of year that Barranquilla is the place to be: Carnival. Barranquilla is best known for being the home of the best carnival celebration in Colombia. Barranquilla is home to the second-largest carnival celebration in South America – after the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This celebration is a big deal and draws tons of visitors to the city.

While carnival is celebrated differently in countries around the world, at the celebration in Barranquilla, you can expect folkloric dance and music, parties, dancing, parades, incredible costumes, floats, and much more. Lasting for almost a week, Barranquilla’s carnival celebrations make a visit to Barranquilla at this time an unforgettable experience.

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Where To Stay in Barranquilla

leticia colombia

9. Leticia

The most southern spot in all of Colombia, the small city of Leticia is hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest, bordering Peru and Brazil in this immense and vital ecosystem. While the city itself isn’t much more than a collection of a few main streets with tour providers, shops, and a few small hotels, this is Colombia’s gateway to the treasures of the Amazon.

From Leticia, head out on an excursion through the Amazon to some of the nearby protected areas, including Tanimboca National Reserve and Amacayacu National Park where you’ll find hundreds of unique species of flora and fauna.

While you can organize day trips from Leticia upon arrival, most travelers opt for a multi-day excursion from Leticia, which includes accommodation at Amazon lodges.

Lake Tarapoto, not far from Leticia, is another favorite destination with travelers and an excellent place for spotting the legendary Amazon pink dolphins, manatees, and even piranhas.

Where To Stay in Leticia

villa de leyva colombia
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10. Villa de Leyva

If you’re looking for the charm of Colombia’s historic pueblos, look no further than the tiny city of Villa de Leyva, among the most beautiful historic destinations in Colombia’s mountains.

Located about three and a half hours north of Bogotá, the town of Villa de Leyva is a bit far for a day trip, but spend the night at one of the city’s historic hosterias or boutique hotels for the perfect mountain retreat.

The whitewashed architecture of Villa de Leyva, set against the lush mountainside and cobblestone streets, will instantly impress. The city’s massive central square is a highlight, but the shops, cafes, and restaurants on every corner bring it to life. It’s a popular weekend escape from Bogotá; try to visit during the week if you can for fewer crowds.

Can’t find time to visit Villa de Leyva but still want to visit Colombia’s magical pueblos? Consider Barichara, Filandia, Salento, or Jardin instead.

Where To Stay in Villa de Leyva

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santa marta colombia

11. Santa Marta

Colombia’s lively northern city on the Caribbean coast, Santa Marta is a must for travelers. While the city offers plenty, from delicious food and cultural events to incredible beaches, Santa Marta is best known as the starting point for discovering several of the most popular destinations in Colombia.

Santa Marta is the first stop on your trip to Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona – Tayrona National Park – known for having some of the most pristine beaches in Colombia. It is also the starting point for guided treks to Ciudad Perdida – Colombia’s “lost city” hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, only accessible by a 4-day trek.

Move over, Machu Picchu: this destination is a favorite for trekkers from around the world – and only has about 200 visitors per day.

Further north, many travelers head to spots like Minca, Palomino, and even Punta Gallinas, the desert-like most northern point in South America with a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. Plentiful and affordable buses from Santa Marta make all these destinations relatively easily accessible.

Where To Stay in Santa Marta

cali colombia
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12. Cali

Don’t plan to visit Cali for major tourist attractions to cross off your bucket list; head to this city in Colombia near the Pacific coast for the experience, and get ready to enjoy delicious food, unforgettable parties, and a cultural experience.

Known as the world capital of salsa (despite salsa actually first developing in Cuba!), come to Cali if you’re looking to learn to dance or just want to have a good time. Alongside studios across the city where you can take inexpensive group lessons, you’ll also find tons of salsa clubs like Tin Tin Deo and La Topa Tolondra.

In addition to salsa, Cali is also home to a nice historic center, which brings plenty of charm to the city and is a must when visiting. Don’t skip the ornate Iglesia Ermita, which is gorgeous during the daytime but maybe even more impressive when illuminated at night.

Where To Stay in Cali

palomino colombia
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13. Palomino

Located on the nation’s Caribbean coastline, Palomino can hardly be counted among cities in Colombia – it’s more a beachy outpost or small town! – but it’s well worth adding to your Colombia itinerary! These serene shores feel totally laid back and are among some of South America’s most beautiful beachfronts, making them a popular destination with international visitors and Colombians alike.

There isn’t much to Palomino other than its pristine beaches, around which the whole town centers. Expect to find chill backpacker hostels and just a few options for slightly more upscale accommodations. Restaurants are local spots and tiny eateries, plus a fair number of beach bars and food shacks along the shores.

Where To Stay in Palomino

mongui colombia
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14. Monguí

Monguí is so tiny you might just miss it, but it’s a destination in Colombia you certainly won’t want to overlook. Located in the Boyacá region northeast of Bogotá, Monguí is one of Colombia’s most charming small towns, packed with enough history and beauty to make anyone fall in love.

Founded in 1601, Monguí is among just 11 cities in Colombia named as a Pueblo Patrimonio – a heritage town of significant cultural and historic value to the nation. While there isn’t much to this tiny town, which can be explored top to toe in just a few hours, its appeal is undeniable. Consider adding it to your Colombia itinerary – you won’t regret a visit!

Where To Stay in Monguí

armenia colombia
Courtesy of BIO Habitat

15. Armenia

The small Colombian city of Armenia lies at the heart of the Eje Cafetero – Colombia’s coffee-producing region, drawing travelers looking to experience some of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes – alongside the best coffee in the entire world.

Alongside cities like Pereira and Manizales, Armenia is part of a special UNESCO World Heritage designation known as the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia.

Staying in Armenia is all about getting outside of the city and experiencing the coffee culture and landscape first-hand at a hacienda or finca. Stay at a traditional coffee plantation, or even better, check out the stunning BIO Habitat Hotel, which offers treehouse-like accommodations that soar above the untouched forest below.

Where To Stay in Armenia

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