Why It is Best to Check the Weather before Traveling

It is SOP for travelers to check the weather first before pushing with their travel plans. Monitoring weather conditions is part of ensuring utmost safety and total enjoyment. Bad weather, after all, not only ruins a supposedly great vacation, but may turn a dream trip into the worst nightmare. Here are tips and tricks of weather monitoring to trips truly memorable and safe.

Know the Normal Weather


Specific locations have specific weather conditions and overall climate. Knowing this vital information prepares you what to wear and what to bring – whether it is apt to bring thick clothes and boots, or cotton tank tops and slippers, and whether you need to apply sunscreen or extra moisturizer.

Obtain Timely Forecasts


Get online and check the latest weather forecast applicable to the locations you are visiting.  Make sure to check the forecast throughout the duration of your vacation so you know what to expect – prepare the most apt clothing, but most importantly, whether or not it is wise to continue the trip. You obviously need to cancel a cruise if there is a storm coming.

Act Fast on Reservations and Trips

Bad weather is reason enough to cancel flights and boat trips. When you know the weather condition of your destination, you can act proactively about your trips and reservations, and hopefully rebook them or obtain refunds.


Keep Informed throughout Your Travel

Listen to the news, call your airline, and check online updates continuously. That way, you can adjust your itinerary in conjunction to the status of the weather in certain locations. You can either extend your stay or shorten it, just to ensure your safety.

Check Rerouting Options


Your departure and arrival locations may have pleasant weather, but connecting cities may not. If you check weather updates or call your airlines, you are in a better position to reroute your trip to prevent being trapped in the storm and being stranded. This saves you from wasting time and money, and from emotional strain.

Photos by: Johan LarssonLuzrussellstreetTakashi Hososhima