Where to Stay in Quito (+ BEST Quito Neighborhoods)

Quito is one of the most beautiful and interesting capital cities in Latin America, and with so many things to do in Quito, it’s well worth a visit. But Quito is a truly MASSIVE city, making it hard to narrow down exactly where to stay in Quito.

For most visitors, there are a few popular neighborhoods in Quito, Ecuador worth considering when picking a hostel, hotel, or apartment to stay in – welcoming and safe places in Quito surrounded by lots to see and do.

Keep reading for our ultimate guide to where to stay in Quito, Ecuador, including a neighborhood guide and recommendations for the best accommodations in Quito on every budget. Plus, check out our Quito neighborhoods map to see the best neighborhoods to stay in Quito.

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Quito Neighborhoods

Popular Neighborhoods in Quito Ecuador

There are only a few neighborhoods to choose from for most visitors to Quito looking to stay in the center of the city and near restaurants and other attractions. These are the most popular neighborhoods in Quito Ecuador.

  • The Historic Center
  • La Mariscal
  • Parque La Carolina

Outside of these neighborhoods, you will still find plenty of places to stay and beautiful accommodations – some at much cheaper price points! – but I recommend travelers stick with places in one of these three neighborhoods.

Not only do the Historic Center, La Mariscal, and Parque La Carolina neighborhoods tend to be safe places to stay in Quito, but they just have so much more to offer travelers.

Some exceptions to this rule include neighborhoods adjacent to these ones, like La Floresta near La Mariscal, or González Suarez or Guápulo between La Mariscal and Parque La Carolina. These neighborhoods also have great places to stay located just outside of these three main neighborhoods.

Best Hotels & Hostels in Quito

Quito Neighborhoods Map

Check out this Quito neighborhoods map that I created to see where to stay in Quito and the best neighborhoods to stay in Quito.

These Quito neighborhoods are quite spread out along the length of this giant city, but with the affordability of public transportation and taxis here you’ll still have access to the other neighborhoods and things to do in Quito as well.

Wherever you end up staying in Quito, make sure you check the location on a map before booking, and don’t stray too far from these central neighborhoods.

Quito is truly MASSIVE – it can take more than an hour to get from one end of the city to another – so you’ll want to stay central.

Best Neighborhood to Stay in Quito

The best neighborhoods to stay in Quito are by far the Historic Center, La Mariscal (also known as Foch or Mariscal Foch, for Plaza Foch located at the center of the neighborhood), and Parque La Carolina. Each of these neighborhoods is perfect for a different type of traveler and travel experience:

  • Historic Center – Where to stay in Quito for historic hotels and charming accommodations – and great views! – even on a budget.

  • La MariscalWhere to stay in Quito for backpackers and budget accommodation options near the city’s liveliest restaurants and nightlife.

  • Parque La Carolina – Where to stay in Quito for apartment-style living, modern accommodations, and digital nomads in Ecuador.

In each of these neighborhoods, you’ll find a lot to do and plenty of accommodation options to choose from, at every price point. Keep scrolling to see the best places to stay in Quito Ecuador in each of these neighborhoods.

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Historic Center Quito

The Historic Center is where to stay in Quito for historic hotels and charming accommodations – with great views! – even on a budget.

The Historic Center in Quito may be the first place you think to stay when visiting this city, and for most types of travelers, it’s the best neighborhood to stay in Quito.

Here you will find the majority of the attractions in Quito and things to do in Quito, so staying close is most convenient. This neighborhood is generally quite walkable (aside from a few hilly sections!) and compact, meaning you’ll be able to save more money on transportation by staying here.

Though the historic center is home to some of the city’s nicest (and most expensive) hotels, there are plenty of options for staying on a budget as well – two of my favorites are Vista del Angel and Hotel Casona 1914.

Hotel rooms in Ecuador are still so affordable to most travelers, meaning you’ll be able to stay in luxury for the price of a budget hotel room back home – or save a lot of money and travel simply.

Best Quito Old Town Hotels & Hostels

The Secret Garden ($)

La Mariscal may have more hostels than the historic center, but my favorite hostel in Quito, The Secret Garden is located in the Historic Center!

This hostel has all kinds of rooms for travelers on any budget – including nice private rooms! – and the most spectacular rooftop bar/restaurant with views of the whole city.

If you’re lucky enough to have a warm and sunny day, eating breakfast or having a beer on The Secret Garden roof overlooking the historic center is worth the price of a stay itself!

Vista del Angel ($$)

Quito is all about incredible views, and you won’t find a better view of the city than you will at Vista del Angel. Rooms are simple yet charming at this small boutique hotel, and the service is excellent.

You’ll be just a few minutes away from everything there is to see and do in the Historic Center of the city, making this a great option for enjoying the historic center on a budget.  

Hotel Casona 1914 ($$)

This beautiful hotel is set within a historic colonial building at the entrance to the historic center of the city, near the Basilica, and conveniently located near transportation options to easily get around the city. Rooms are beautiful and feel luxurious, though surprisingly affordable, making Hotel Casona 1914 the perfect place for a retreat in Quito.

Hotel Carlota ($$ – $$$)

The charming Hotel Carlota was built in a reclaimed and updated colonial building and has a touch of modern alongside the historic.

Just two blocks away from the center of the historic center – the Plaza Grande – you can’t find a better spot in the best area to stay in Quito.

This is one of the best hotels Quito Old Town has to offer, and rooms usually cost right around $150 – it’s a steal.

A big bonus: the rooftop terrace has incredible views of El Panecillo and the rest of the historic center.

Casa Gangotena ($$$)

Casa Gangotena is indisputably the nicest hotel in Quito, and well worth a stay if your budget allows for it. Located in Plaza San Francisco, Casa Gangotena is within a charming colonial building and has an incredible view of Iglesia San Francisco and the mountains surrounding the city.

Here you’ll be staying in the best part of the Historic Center and with unforgettable views and opulent rooms to match.

Rooms are pricey by Ecuadorian standards, but to stay in such a luxurious hotel anywhere else would cost easily double or triple the price. Casa Gangotena is truly an unforgettable destination.

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La Mariscal Quito

La Mariscal – also known as Mariscal Foch or La Foch – is where to stay in Quito for backpackers and budget accommodation options near the city’s liveliest restaurants and nightlife.

The La Mariscal neighborhood is centered around the Plaza Foch, a central plaza surrounded by cafes, bars, and restaurants, and considered one of the centers of nightlight in Quito. Here you’ll find tons of backpackers, remote workers based in Quito, and expats at any time of the day.

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But La Mariscal is more than nightlife in Plaza Foch! It’s an area filled with shops, restaurants, cafes, language schools, and more that is appealing to all kinds of travelers. No matter what brings you to Quito, La Mariscal is worth exploring and is one of the best places to stay in Quito Ecuador.

Even if you aren’t a backpacker and are looking for a bit nicer accommodation, La Mariscal still has a lot to offer. Here you’ll find plenty of modern restaurants serving Ecuadorian food and international food, breweries, cafes, and more.

You’ll have the benefit of being close to all these amenities in Quito, while still being within walking distance to attractions like Casa de la Cultura, Parque El Ejido and its art shows, and much, much more.

Best La Mariscal Hotels and Hostels

Hostal Posada del Maple ($)

Hostal Posada del Maple is a great hostel option in this Quito neighborhood and one of the nicest in La Mariscal. There aren’t any dorm rooms like you might expect in a hostel, but privates are very affordable. The rooms are clean and large, the staff is helpful, and the common space is a great place to meet people.

Selina Quito ($ – $$)

Selina Quito offers a mix of shared dorm rooms and private rooms, all at affordable prices and in a great part of La Mariscal. Onsite you’ll find a restaurant and café, as well as plenty of regular events like yoga, walking tours of the city, and day trip excursions.

Selina Quito is a good place to stay for digital nomads in Ecuador. With monthly rates and coworking space included, you’ll meet tons of remote workers and like-minded travelers here.

Ikala Quito Hotel ($$)

The Ikala Quito Hotel boutique hotel is simple and modern, and an extremely affordable option for those looking to stay in this lively neighborhood on a budget, but might not want to stay in a hostel. Rooms are modern and clean with every amenity!

Casa Joaquin ($$)

This boutique hotel in La Mariscal is a nice mix of historic colonial and modern comfort in the La Mariscal neighborhood. At Casa Joaquin, rooms are comfortable, the location is excellent, and the rooftop terrace has a beautiful view.

Casa Joaquin also offers some apartment-style rooms if you’ll be in the city for several days and are looking for more space or just want to have access to a kitchen and your own living room.

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Parque La Carolina Quito

The Parque La Carolina neighborhood is where to stay in Quito for apartment-style living, modern accommodations, and digital nomads in Ecuador.

In this Quito neighborhood centering around Parque La Carolina, one of the city’s nicest parks and a weekend favorite for many Quiteños, you’ll find apartments for rent modern high rises with tons of amenities. If you’re looking for apartment-style stays while in Quito, this is the place to find it.

You’ll also find your fair share of large upscale hotels as well, like the JW Marriott with its killer pool, sauna, and steam rooms, or the Wyndham Garden Quito. Rooms here might be a bit generic, but you can usually find deals for anywhere from $75 to $120 USD in these hotels with all the amenities.

The La Carolina area of Quito is also filled with trendy new restaurants and bars, and there is plenty to see and do here day and night. You certainly will not get bored in this Quito neighborhood, one of the city’s most popular.

Parque La Carolina is also well served by local transport like the main Ecovia bus line that runs north and south across the city, as well as plenty of other bus lines. You can get to the Historic Center in about 15-20 minutes via public transport – or less in a taxi.

Best Parque la Carolina Accommodations

Mi Suite Hotel ($ – $$)

Mi Suite Hotel is a great option for apartment-style stays in Quito. Each apartment offers a kitchen and washing machine, desk workstation, and is well furnished for a longer stay in Quito.

Room rates are also surprisingly affordable, and you’ll be just steps away from some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

Luxury Residence Suites ($ – $$)

The Luxury Residence Suites apartments are some of the BEST options in the city for those looking for an apartment-style stay, or where to stay in Quito for a longer stay. They offer several apartments for rent within a luxury highrise near the park, allowing guests access to a pool, spa, fitness center, and more.

Le Parc Hotel ($$)

Beautiful, modern rooms at a great price! Le Parc Hotel is a great choice just two blocks from the park, in the best part of the neighborhood. Plus, make sure to check out the views from the rooftop bar and restaurant.

JW Marriott ($$)

Quito’s JW Marriott has every amenity, including a fabulous buffet breakfast, great pools, saunas, and steam rooms. The rooms are surprisingly affordable and quite nice! Located just south of Parque La Carolina, the JW Marriott is an excellent option if you’re looking to stay in the La Carolina area but don’t need an apartment.

We stayed at the JW Marriott several times while living in Quito and it was truly a great choice – thats why we kept going back! The pool, steam room, and sauna are great amenities, and the buffet breakfast is worth enjoying even if you’re not a guest here!

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Quito Airport Hotel

The airport in Quito is located quite a fair distance outside of the city, easily 45 minutes to an hour outside of the main parts of the city. The trip can take even longer if you travel by bus or during rush hour traffic.

So if you’re planning on just a short layover, or have an early flight, it may make sense to stay at a hotel near the airport.

A few years ago, the brand new, very nice Wyndham Quito Airport Hotel opened right next to the airport with rooms at a very reasonable rate. Located within a five-minute drive of the airport, and with airport shuttles leaving the arrivals terminal frequently, the Wyndham Quito Airport is the best place to stay near the airport.

You’ll find an on-site restaurant, pool, gym, and bar to keep you busy before your flight, and the entire hotel is very modern and sparkling clean.

The Wyndham Quito Airport Hotel is a fantastic option for those with just a very short time in Quito, perhaps travelers heading out or coming from a Galapagos cruise departing from Guayaquil. You can even store your luggage here if need be!

Another nearby option is the brand new Holiday Inn – Quito Airport, just slightly farther from the airport, but at a very similar price point at the Wyndham and most of the same amenities.