Where to Stay in Buenos Aires (+ BEST Neighborhoods)

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and dynamic city with so much to offer travelers. You’ll find Buenos Aires neighborhoods that are residential and upscale like Recoleta, lively and cool like Palermo, and in the middle of the action like el Centro. If you’re looking for where to stay in Buenos Aires as a visitor, you’ll have plenty of excellent choices no matter your price range. 

This is our ultimate guide to where to stay in Buenos Aires, covering the best accommodation options and the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We’re sharing the best area to stay in Buenos Aires for every kind of traveler, plus specific accommodation recommendations that we love!

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Where To Stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is quite a large metropolis, making it important to choose a convenient place to stay to make the best out of your stay (especially if you’re on a short Buenos Aires itinerary). You’ll find everything from neighborhoods filled with historic mansions to modern areas with brand-new lofts and the hippest of things to do in Buenos Aires.

Looking for our top recommendations for the best hotels in the city? Here are our top picks – they’re all located in charming and safe neighborhoods and will provide some of the best experiences the city has to offer.

Best Hotels in Buenos Aires

For all the nuanced details about where to stay in Buenos Aires and the best neighborhoods in Buenos Aires for travelers, keep reading – we break it all down here!

Buenos Aires Neighborhoods

Buenos Aires is truly massive and has dozens of neighborhoods, each with its distinct personality.

While most Buenos Aires neighborhoods are quite well connected by different transportation options like the subway and multiple bus lines (plus the ever-present Uber!), it’s important to find a neighborhood for your stay that fits what you’re looking for.

These are the best Buenos Aires neighborhoods for travelers looking to experience the city:

  • Palermo Where to stay in Buenos Aires to enjoy the most up-and-coming dining, cafes, bars, and shopping. This is by far the coolest neighborhood in town, divided into sub-neighborhoods like Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood, and Palermo Chico. Palermo Soho.
  • Recoleta – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for a taste of luxury and the best of the city’s romantic history.
  • San Telmo – Where to stay in Buenos Aires to enjoy the city’s colonial and stately history and its biggest street market.
  • Centro – Where to stay in Buenos Aires for just a quick trip, with a vibrant big city feel.

If you’re looking to stay in Buenos Aires as a digital nomad, consider staying in San Telmo or the neighborhoods north of Palermo, such as Belgrano or Colegiales. Here you’ll find more budget-friendly accommodations for a month or more and feel more settled in a residential (though still active and lively) Buenos Aires neighborhood.

Keep reading for more on each of these vibrant Buenos Aires neighborhoods, including our top Buenos Aires hotel recommendations in each area.

In all of these neighborhoods, you’ll find a range of prices for accommodations while staying in well-located, safe, lively neighborhoods that allow you to make the most of your time here. Jump ahead to read more about the best places to stay in each neighborhood.

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palermo buenos aires


Palermo is probably the number one neighborhood that I recommend most travelers consider when visiting Buenos Aires. This is especially true if you’re looking to enjoy the city’s cool cafes, bars, shopping, and dining options – Palermo is the place to be!

Palermo is one of the city’s largest neighborhoods, so it’s divided into several sub-neighborhoods as well. Palermo Soho centers around the buzzing Plaza Serrano and has the highest concentration of bars, restaurants, and cafes, and Palermo Hollywood is just north, crossing the train tracks that divide the two areas.

For being such a cool, sought-after neighborhood, the prices of accommodations generally reflect it. Airbnbs can be quite expensive, even with weekly or monthly discounts, and hotels are generally your best option. Here are our recommendations for the best places in this neighborhood.

Where To Stay in Palermo

Selina Palermo ($ – $$)

If you’re looking for a great hostel in the Palermo neighborhood, Selina Palermo is an excellent option. Dorm rooms are comfortable, and there are several private rooms with different configurations as well. Plus, there are activities almost every day to help travelers connect and see the city, as well as coworking space and a rooftop bar.

Reviews and Bookings: Selina Palermo

Shoshana Apart Hotel ($$)

One of the best places to stay for apartment-style accommodations in Buenos Aires, Shoshana Apart Hotel has it all, within walking distance of the very best parts of both Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Rooms have private washers and dryers, kitchens, and ample space, with breakfast included.

Reviews and Bookings: Shoshana Apart Hotel

Mine Boutique Hotel ($$)

This modern building with lovely rooms and a pool in the tranquil back courtyard feels like a retreat from the big city. Mine Boutique Hotel is an affordable option for travelers looking for luxury on a budget, and it feels like a true steal in the heart of such a sought-after neighborhood.

Reviews and Bookings: Mine Boutique Hotel

Legado Mitico ($$ – $$$)

Complete with a cozy library and fireplace, Legado Mitico is a very special boutique hotel in Palermo that feels like a home away from home. The backyard patio feels worlds away from the city streets, even though this hotel is just steps from the heart of Palermo Soho – right between Plaza Armenia and Plaza Serrano.

Reviews and Bookings: Legado Mitico

Be Jardin Escondido ($$$)

One of the very best hotels in Palermo, Be Jardin Escondido makes guests feel like they have the opportunity to stay in the estate of a wealthy, well-traveled Argentine. This isn’t one of those sterile 5-star hotels – here you’ll find plush rugs, comfortable beds, and a lush garden and pool in the back that look like they’re out of a nature reserve. Here you’re bound to have a memorable stay.

Reviews and Bookings: Be Jardin Escondido

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recoleta buenos aires


Recoleta is so much more than its most famous attraction, the Cementerio de Recoleta with its beautiful yet creepy statues and tombs. The luxury and excess of the final resting place of the city’s most famous resident extends through the Recoleta neighborhood.

Grand palaces, tree-lined streets, and beautiful parks abound in Recoleta, one of the most beautiful and sought-after neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Don’t think you can’t enjoy this neighborhood if you don’t have a ton of money to spend! There are actually a fair amount of budget accommodation options and even hostels to choose from in Recoleta.

Where To Stay in Recoleta

Voyage Recoleta Hostel ($)

The Voyage Recoleta Hostel is a lively, social hostel in the heart of Recoleta. Within a converted historic building, you’ll find lovely dorm rooms and private rooms, plus an excellent common space and kitchen, and a rooftop deck with lounge chairs for morning yoga and evening live music. It is a favorite among all the hostels in the city.

Reviews and Bookings: Voyage Recoleta Hostel

Casa Bevant ($$)

In one of the best parts of Recoleta, Casa Bevant feels like an absolute steal – comfortable and spacious rooms with sitting areas and kitchenettes at a very affordable rate. There is laundry available for guests in the basement, plus bikes to enjoy the nearby parks.

Reviews and Bookings: Casa Bevant

Loi Suites Recoleta ($$ – $$$)

Staying at the Loi Suites Recoleta is a taste of the historic luxury of Recoleta. This historic building is impressive, and the glass-covered courtyard filled with plants and fountains is a dreamy spot for breakfast and afternoon tea and coffee! Just a block away from the cemetery and some of the most happening sections of the neighborhood, this is a great choice, one of my favorites in the city at this price range.

Reviews and Bookings: Loi Suites Recoleta

Palacio Duhau ($$$)

Easily one of the nicest hotels in Buenos Aires and the former private home of the wealthy Duhau family, Palacio Duhau is the epitome of Buenos Aires and Recoleta old-world luxury. Think crystal chandeliers, plush ballrooms, several fine dining restaurants, and exquisite rooms. The hotel retains much of the character of the original palace, transporting you back to the city’s original glory days. 

Reviews and Bookings: Palacio Duhau

san telmo buenos aires

San Telmo

The oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is populated by impressive historic buildings, cobblestone streets, and architectural details that will instantly draw you in. While some parts of the neighborhood are a bit weathered, it just adds to the charm of this neighborhood, now considered among the best areas to stay in Buenos Aires.

Parts of San Telmo used to be downright dangerous in the past, but the neighborhood has been changing rapidly in recent years. You’ll find new restaurants and cafes, bars, and hotels popping up all the time, signaling that San Telmo is officially a cool place to be again.

Where To Stay in San Telmo

Circus Hostel ($)

San Telmo’s Circus Hostel is by far my favorite hostel in Buenos Aires – and wildly considered one of the best in the city! They have a large common area and dining space, plus an outdoor patio with a pool and a great range of dorm and private room options. They offer almost daily activities to connect travelers and help you explore the city.

Reviews and Bookings: Circus Hostel

L’Adresse Hotel Boutique ($$)

L’Adresse Hotel Boutique is an adorable little boutique hotel in a restored historic building. It’s stylish, quirky, and comfortable, and a great price for such a beautiful place to stay. The free breakfast spread is impressive and the location excellent, but hands down the best part of a stay here is the excellent and friendly service.

Reviews and Bookings: L’Adresse Hotel Boutique

Anselmo Buenos Aires ($$)

Located facing Plaza Dorrego, a quaint square surrounded by restaurants during the week, and the epicenter of the famous San Telmo Market on the weekend, Anselmo Buenos Aires is the best place to stay in the neighborhood. This sleek, modern hotel has top-notch service and will leave you scratching your head over why it’s such a bargain.

Reviews and Bookings: Anselmo Buenos Aires

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centro buenos aires


The Buenos Aires neighborhood of el Centro is all about hustle and bustle, and it is the lifeblood of the city in many ways. Among the tall buildings and traffic, you’ll find a lot of advantages to this neighborhood that make it one of the best places to stay in Buenos Aires. In fact, it is our top recommendation for where to stay in Buenos Aires if you’re here for just one or two days.

El Centro is also home to some of the city’s most important attractions. El Cabildo, La Casa Rosada, Plaza de Mayo, and the incomparable Teatro Colón are just steps away here.

Don’t write off staying in this area because it lacks the charm of Recoleta, Palermo, or San Telmo. Here you’ll be at the center of every transportation line in the city, find nice hotel rooms for cheap, and you’ll find yourself well-positioned to reach the attractions scattered across the city. 

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Where To Stay in Centro

Che Juan Hostal ($)

If you’re looking for an excellent hostel near public transportation, I’d recommend checking out Che Juan Hostal. Pod-style dorm beds with curtains provide privacy, and each pod is equipped with a reading light and outlet. Great common space, lockers, and helpful staff.

Reviews and Bookings: Che Juan Hostal

AQ Tailored Suites ($$)

A small boutique apartment-style hotel, AQ Tailored Suites is an excellent choice for business travelers or those with just a little time in the city. The rooftop pool, gym, and lovely dining area are great amenities.

Reviews and Bookings: AQ Tailored Suites

Alvear Art Hotel ($$$)

With a location just a few blocks from Plaza General San Martin and the bustling 9 de Julio, it’s hard to say whether the hotel itself or the location is what makes the Alvear Art Hotel one of the best in the city. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and modern, and the top-floor swimming pool with incredible views over the city is impressive.

Reviews and Bookings: Alvear Art Hotel

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