African Photography Adventure

What Is an African Photography Adventure

If lying in the sun for days on end is your idea of a fun holiday, maybe an African Photography Adventure isn’t for you.
If you prefer to see a diverse mix of landscapes, wildlife, habitats, and cultures, then grab your camera and come along for the ride.

What is a Photo Safari?

Think of it as an African photography adventure. Not only do you get to take in and marvel at some incredible sights, but you also do it from a purpose-designed jeep. A world-class, professional photographer is on board for guidance. He uses every bit of his superior knowledge of the region, its inhabitants, and climate. He combines it with his superb camera skills to teach you how to get amazing images from your safari. Your dedicated photographer sorts the logistics of the routes, ensuring you’re in the best places at the best times of day to maximize your extraordinary photo opportunities.

Why an African Photography Adventure is so expensive?

You might be surprised as to why African Photography adventures are so expensive.  The trip isn’t inexpensive, but guests should keep in mind that the cost includes more than just luxury rooms, all-inclusive eating, and wildlife excursions.
You say expensive; we say money well spent. This type of adventures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many individuals.

High staff to guest ratio

You’re paying to stay in some of the most remarkable spots in Africa. Our wonderful team is with you every step of the way, from collecting you at the airport to sharing exciting stories of their wildlife spots and serving you Sundowners in the evenings.
As they live on-site, they are around all day to provide you with superb service.

Superior accommodation

Staying in a luxury lodge doesn’t come cheap, but with maid service, meals, all of your drives, some drinks are thrown in, and a private pool if you’re lucky, it is good value for money.
Staying at the park provides the best safari experience; instead of mingling with the masses, your dedicated vehicle and team guarantee you exclusivity and the best African photo adventure.

Animal conservation

Many tour operators use a proportion of their charges to donate towards animal and nature conservation. They are projects essential towards sustaining a future for the natural wonders; for many more visitors to see.

Upkeep of the park

Generators, plumbing, and freshwater are expensive commodities in the middle of a desert region. These costs are factored into safari prices.


All parks have to pay exorbitant rates to anti-poaching units. Without them, there would be little for the guests to see.

What is the Cost of this Type of Adventure?

As with all vacations, their cost depends on many factors. The time of year, the accommodation, the package, and the duration to name but a few. Most African safaris offer an all-inclusive price for flights, transfers, accommodation, and food. Accommodation varies from basic camping – thrilling being so near to wildlife, beneath the stars – to top-quality hotels; you choose. All of your drives are included in the cost. On each one, you are partnered with a hunting guide and professional photographer. A budget safari might cost as little as $100 per night. For all-out luxury expect to spend $1500 per night.

Which is the best month for an African Safari

If you’re looking for an African photo adventure packed with sightings of magnificent animals, then book during the dry season.
It begins as early as May and goes on until October.
With temperatures around 20°c and very little chance of rain, the animals are forced out of hiding and head to the watering holes. Flamingo, wildebeest, zebra, and rhino might all congregate around the same pool. It is a truly spectacular sight and a photographer’s dream. The wet season also provides some stunning scenery, when the grasslands and tropical forests are at their most lush.

Final thoughts

Have no doubts; an African photography adventure is most definitely worth the cost.
Well-planned itineraries, unrivaled photographic knowledge, and spectacular landscapes are just 3 of the millions of reasons to share your adventures with us.
And everything you see and learn will be recorded in a portfolio of superb shots; to treasure for a lifetime.