Ways You Would Be Wasting Your Money During Travel

With the internet, booking your trips is just a few clicks away, but aside from this, there are way more resources to preserve your wallet off and online for your travels. On the flip side, there can also unobvious and common budgetary travel mistakes that you should avoid. Here are them:

Not Having Travel Insurance

This is the one thing you want to have but hope you never need, but if something bad does happen while you are traveling while not covered, you will be left paying thousands of dollars out of your pocket. So, it is best to get travel insurance as it only costs a few dollars a day and is offered by many credit card companies you would use to pay for a trip.


Booking “Too” Early

You could get excited about your trip and book your flights right away, or tend to forget and wait until the last minute. Take note that both are a mistake! The right thing to do is book your flights about 2 to 3 months in advance to secure the lowest fares. However, about 2 to 3 months before your departure, some airlines would start raising or lowering fares based on competition and demand, so you should take these into consideration.


Mismanaging Your Money

Whether it is getting cash before you go or using exchange bureaus, you tend not to look for the best rates. To avoid these situations, you can use your ATM for cash and your credit card for all your purchases. Your bank should have a partner ATM network in destination, and it would just cost you nothing to take out local cash.


Asking Where to Dine the Wrong Way

Even if you are asking locals where you should eat, you are phrasing the question in a way that you are sent to restaurants locals would tourists want to visit. So, instead of asking the simple question, “Where can I eat?”, ask locals to direct you to the more out-of-the-way joints that would serve more authentic and better food.


To travel financially wise, make sure you check on the tourism board of your destination, as hotels for budget rates and activities, take advantage of frequent flier miles and get a tourist card. Most importantly, make sure you avoid doing the things listed above!

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