Travel Tips We Could Use from Backpackers

Imagine backpackers. You might envision unanchored youths sporting worn out jeans and displaying infinite endurance. However, backpacking is actually about much more than being gap-year students staying in gritty hotels. More than anything, it is about exploring and being independent. It’s also the cheapest way to travel and such is why older travel enthusiasts, especially those traveling on limited budget shouldn’t turn away from the ways of wily backpackers.


Adopting the backpacker mindset will not only improve your sense of travel, it will also teach you to become more budget savvy. From packing light for convenient traveling to finding pleasant yet affordable food and accommodations, the backpacker way of traveling will set you more benefits than hassles.

Travel with Your Feet


Traveling on foot is a true backpacker’s forte. Aside from it being free, walking will give you a more personal view of a location. Medieval cities, scenic coastlines and national parks are best explored on foot. So the next time you’re visiting picturesque destinations, make sure you plan for a walking tour.

Packing Light


Walking distances is just impossible with bulky carry-ons and rolling suitcases. So, instead of packing your entire collection of shoes and clothes, pack only multi-function items. Take with you airy clothes that weigh less, pants that convert into shorts, and shampoo-conditioner combo bottles. By lightening the load you’ll be taking with you, you’ll also get to avoid the pesky baggage fees airlines charge for checked in luggages.

Going Solo


Don’t have anyone to travel with? Don’t fret; you can always go solo. Backpack traveling is all about freedom and personal exploration. This is a mindset that does not require supportive companions to guide your hand. If you are worried you cannot share your amazing experiences with anyone on the trip, well, think again. Most solo travelers tend to be able to connect with fellow travelers along the way. Go on your own, just like backpackers, and you might go home bringing not just new experiences but also new friends.

Travel photos by: Garry KnightAl_HikesAZSteve BernackiDaniel Foster