Turkish Paradise

Top beaches in Turkey

Having your holidays in Turkey is all about crowded beaches and resorts. If you look further, Turkey is filled with mountainous peninsula. There are white sands, bays and villages. There is also a wide variety of restaurants found on the beach. The best beaches can be reached by yacht and car. The good news is that most of them are not busy even if it is the peak season. See below some of the best beaches in Turkey:

Turkish Paradise
Turkish Paradise
  • Ovabuku is tucked away in the Datca Peninsula. It is part of the pretty chains of three bays. The beach is small but there are various restaurants and accommodations. On the countryside is where you can find the hidden beauty of the forest. The whole package is not only about the beach but also for the peace that can give you a great escape.
  • The Butterfly Beach is found between two cliffs. Most people can access this through boats or by trekking through the rocky path. There are no structures or roads in the valley but you are allowed to camp. As an alternative, you can stay in Faralya where you can see the whole beach.
  • Amos is tucked between two giant resorts Turunc and Kumlubuk. The place is a bit rough due to the fact that the place is still yet untouched. This place was once a settlement for the Roman town. This is the reason why there is a small amphitheater in the area. You can also find a good restaurant in the beach that serves fresh dishes.
  • Gemiler is a place that hardly gets crowded and it isaccessible by riding a boat or bus. It is something that is surrounded by trees. Just like other beaches, there are also good restaurants found in the vicinity that offers booze.
  • Cirali Beach is neighboring Olympos beach which is known for the tree house accommodation. The 3km beach is considered to be a protected landscape; this is due to the turtles that are nesting in the area. There is a village behind the beach with restaurants. The place gives a hippy type of atmosphere.
  • Kaputas Beach is accessible to a long flight of stairs. It means that you can’t find any facilities within the area. Be sure to bring water and food if you are planning to stay around. Locals are often seen in the stretches of the coast. It is a good place for surfing because of the waves.
  • Hisaronu Beach is where you can get the feeling of the old Turkey 20 years ago. The place has several restaurants and accommodations. There are quite a number of windsurfers that love the breeze.