Tips for Backpackers Travelling to Scotland

Scotland is a great destination for travelers who love the outdoors. Backpackers come here to explore the islands, hike and visit the castles and ruins. But as you know, the weather here can be unpredictable. While the best time for a holiday is during spring season, it can still rain during the sunniest months of the year. Travellers are advised to always bring rain gear or at least, a brolly all the time.

If you are planning an adventure to Scotland, here are some tips you will find useful:


Pack the right clothing.

Travelling in cold weather? Do not forget a waterproof jacket, clothes for layering, such as a cardigan, sweater and shirt with long sleeves. These clothes need not be thick but should be comfortable enough to wear. For autumn, you can bring the same types of clothes and go for cotton fabrics as well. Also, do not forget to bring clothes and footwear for you backpacking adventure.


Bring your gadgets.

When travelling to Scotland and going on a backpacking adventure, it is important to have good navigation skills with a map and compass. And with the use of technology, navigating has become easier. You can also make use of a mapping tool specific to the UK like grough route or Mapyx Quo. Of course, you can rely on your smartphone for navigation apps. Invest in gadgets you can use for travelling, such as, powerbank, Bluetooth speakers, compass and a waterproof camera, to name a few.


Plan your trip.

Although some travelers love adventure and going on trips without much preparation, if you are not a seasoned traveler yet and this is your first time to visit Scotland, it pays to plan your holiday. This includes where you will stay, when you will go and how much budget you will save up for. Better yet, go with a mate and explore Scotland together.

With these tips, you can plan your next backpacking trip better and enjoy the experience more.


Photos by: hendry_670 and Doug Scobie