These Are The Beach Essentials You Forgot To Pack For Your Trip – Stock Up Before They’re Gone

Summer is officially here, and with it come the joys – and hassles – of planning for the perfect day on the beach. Whether you’re traveling solo or with the entire family in tow, these are the unexpectedly cool and tremendously helpful items you need to make your beach getaway a success. You’ll end up using these products all summer, whether on the sand, by the lake, at the park, or simply enjoying a bit more sun than your dermatologist would recommend.

Silicone Bucket Hat

Image Credit: Carley Rojas Avila and Sevens Crown Hats.

Take it from this mom who struggles to get her kiddo to keep a hat on his head for more than a nanosecond – keeping kids safe in the sun while at the beach can be a challenge. Leave that struggle in the past with Sevens Crown Hats; this portable, durable, playable hat is part toy, part bucket hat, and entirely fun. Made of 100% silicone, it is as stylish as it is practical.

Sevens Crown Hats

Image Credit: Sevens Crown Hats.

Part of Sevens Crown Hats‘ unending appeal with kids is that it’s a multi-use beach toy and hat all in one. Turn it into a bucket for sand, water, or seashells, and simply wipe it clean at the end of the day. Your kids will love it as much as you do.

Transparent Sunscreen

Image Credit: Visor Skincare.

If you’re already sick of the scent of sunscreen (and its pasty hue) before summer has even started, try Visor‘s 100% clear, alcohol-free, fragrance-free sunscreen instead. What some call a dupe for Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is somehow better, even more inclusive of all skin tones, and just a fraction of the price.

Visor Skincare

Image Credit: Visor Skincare.

In addition to its comfortable and convenient formulation that works on all skin tones and types, Visor offers double the sun protection time of the viral Goop’s sunscreen. It even has added skincare benefits, with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C included in the formula.

Changing Towel Poncho

Image Credit: COR Surf.

Dry off quickly and conveniently after a dip in the pool or the ocean with this microfiber COR Surf changing towel poncho. This quick-wicking, quick-drying poncho – available in sizes for kids, teens, and adults – lets you go hands-free while warming up after a dip.

COR Surf

Image Credit: COR Surf.

The poncho’s hands-free comfort allows for quick changes at the beach, while its microfiber fabric remains dry and odor-free, unlike a soggy, wet towel. It’s ideal for surfers, swimmers, and even casual beach lovers looking for a little added convenience.

Waterproof Dry Backpack

Image Credit: COR Surf.

COR Surf has even more beach products you’ll love this summer. The COR Surf Waterproof Dry Backpack is one of our favorites, designed to keep all your gear perfectly dry. It’s even made to float if dropped in water, and is equipped with reflective strips for visibility at night, making it popular with bikers as well.

Sand-free, Stress-free

Image Credit: COR Surf.

The lightweight COR Surf Waterproof Dry Backpack is a dream at the beach, but it’s even an ideal backpack for those looking for a stylish pack for daily use. A padded laptop sleeve compartment keeps tech safe, mesh side pockets are perfect for water bottles, and an adjustable compression strap on top helps store larger items and expand the size of the pack to fit all your gear. 

A Versatile Beach Blanket

Image Credit: Coalatree.

It’s time to ditch your basic beach blanket for a serious upgrade. The versatile beach blanket from Coalatree is the most multi-use blanket on the market, made from recycled fabric and durable ripstop nylon to resist snags and rips.

Coalatree Kachula Blanket

Image Credit: Coalatree.

The Coalatree Kachula Blanket is so much more than just a stylish beach blanket. This blanket—perfectly sized for two—is also waterproof and stain-resistant. It even includes a secret pocket, allowing you to snap multiple blankets together or convert it into a travel pillow. It can even transform into a poncho if the weather changes unexpectedly!

Milmo 1813 Bag

Image Credit: Milmo.

Grab the fashionable and functional Milmo 1813 to hold all your beach gear. After months of using this waterproof bag for everything from trips to the pool to grocery store hauls, I can confidently say it will be the go-to bag this summer at the beach.

Beach Day Essentials

Image Credit: Milmo.
The Milmo 1813 bag is a beach staple, but it’s also a perfect carry-on bag or weekender— I’ve used it as both. The best feature? An easily removable, waterproof main compartment liner to keep dirty gear or wet swimsuits separate from dry towels, lunches, and all the essentials. It makes changing out the bag’s contents a breeze.
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