New year, Mexico city

New Year’s Eve: the Best Mexican Destinations

At midnight on New Year’s Eve, people across the world gather together to celebrate the transition as one year ends and a new one begins. The traditional way to celebrate it is with friends and family at home, but if you’re looking to infuse some excitement into your holidays, consider taking a trip to Mexico and celebrate Vispera de Año Nuevo with all the colour and liveliness the night deserves.

New year, Mexico city
New year, Mexico city

If in the country’s capital, Mexico City, on the big night consider going to the Zocalo.  It’s one of the oldest public squares and there will be a street festival, Aztec dancers and fireworks.  Expect to see colourful banners in red, green, yellow and white to represent good fortune for the coming year. Mexican families often spend the evening together having a large meal at home, so you might not see as many people out until closer to midnight.  When the clock strikes twelve, wish everyone a “Feliz año nuevo!”

For a lively New Year’s Eve, check out Acapulco.  When wanting a wild beachside party, there’s no better place than Playa Condesa. The Costera will be partying from one end to the other, with many night clubs offering exclusive and raucous parties.  You can still have a great time without paying to get into one of the nightclubs because there will be plenty to see on the streets and an excellent view of fireworks over the bay.

Also the always-popular destination of Cancun does not disappoint as a New Year’s celebration destination: Playa del Carmen will be bumping all night long and into the early morning hours, while Puerto Vallarta offers one of the most energetic beach parties on one of the biggest nights of the year.  The weather here is mild and a nice break from winter temperatures, so you’ll have no problem getting into the spirit of the night at any of the beaches.

No matter where you are in Mexico on New Year’s Eve, partaking in the local traditions will make it a night you’ll always remember.  One of the most popular traditions is eating twelve grapes.  Make a wish for each grape as the clock strikes twelve times.  For good luck in either love or money, don a pair of red or yellow underwear before heading out to the festivities. Mexico is a country full of life, colour, and celebration making it the perfect place to ring in the New Year.

Photo: Steven Muzik