Maldives Travel Advisor for First-Time Visitors

Maldives is one of the world’s sought-after holiday destinations because of its pristine seawaters and white sand beaches. If this is your first time, don’t sweat because you are about to embark on the journey of your life.

Maldivian Resort Islands

There are 106 Maldivian resort islands to choose from, depending on your budget and taste. Each Maldivian island has its own resort, so when you choose a resort, you’re also choosing the island on which to stay. However, you can charter boats to visit other islands and neighboring fishing villages. Aside from island resorts, you can stay at guesthouses on select uninhabited islands in Maldives. Guesthouses are way cheaper than island resorts.


Airport Transfers

Take either chartered or scheduled flights to reach Hulhule Airport in Male. From there, airport transfers are available via seaplane, boat or domestic flight. Seaplane transfers are available during daytime only.

Discover Maldives

The tropical islands in Maldives provide exciting spots for beach swimming, diving, snorkeling and other water sports. Since sightseeing is limited, you may do boat excursions instead. A Maldivian holiday is typically luxurious and relaxed, and there are very few entertainment options at night. Drinking alcohol isn’t allowed.


Strict Muslim Country

Maldives is a strict Muslim country, where bringing of materials contrary to Islam is restricted. Be mindful of non-bikini beaches (outside resort premises) because you ought to be fully covered when visiting these places.

Steep Prices

Maldives isn’t cut to an inexpensive vacation, although it’s possible to have a Maldivian holiday with a relatively low budget. For one, resort packages are generally tailored to high-end customers. Second, there are mandatory charges, including bed tax at $8 per person per night, 8% goods and services tax, and 10% service charge. Food in Male usually costs $5 per meal. Room rates range from $75 to more than $100 per day, inclusive of meals.

Upon your arrival in Male, make sure you have sufficient cash because the only ATM in Maldives is in Male, and it can get pretty expensive to travel to Male and back to your resort.


Maldivian Food

Curry and rice are staples, with seafood a constant in the menu. In lieu of a rather boring continental breakfast though is a bowl of spiced ground tuna with coconut and a pile of freshly made roshi, which are incredibly mouth-watering.


Photos by: NattuSelda Eigler and Chi King