Let Caxton FX take the hassle out of your holiday

The much cherished holiday is something that has been impacted in different ways by various advances over the years. For decades, many of us would visit a travel agent, book a package holiday with them and then get our foreign currency there and then. The internet has revolutionised holiday booking – largely for the better – so that we can now tailor our own trips with increased choice, flexibility and lower cost. The independent holiday does however mean that there is more of an onus on you to remember things – to arrange, to print etc – and sometimes sorting out your holiday money can be the last thing on your mind. That is where a Caxton FX currency card comes in, along with a number of benefits.

Holiday money

Saving money in any scenario is always an attractive proposition, and one that the currency card can offer. Every time you use your card you will get great exchange rates, and the advertised rate is exactly what you will get as Caxton FX does not charge commission. The card is also free to use anywhere in the world – while some ATM machines and merchants may well incur a transaction fee of their own, there is no charge from Caxton FX meaning that in many cases you won’t pay extra for withdrawing cash, paying for a meal or however else you choose to use the card.

It could not be easier to use a currency card. Gone are the days of finding somewhere that will exchange travellers’ cheques and then going through the whole process – using a currency card is just like using your regular credit or debit card back home. The card is accepted at 31 million outlets across the globe – just look for the Visa logo at stores, restaurants, hotels, ATMs and websites.

As an independent traveller do you really want someone behind a counter and a glass screen telling you what you should do with your money? When you’re abroad and need to get more money do you really want to take time out from the beach or the countryside or the city sights to find an office where you can sort it out? The currency card puts you in control – it is easy to load with more funds online, over the phone or by SMS. You can bring your holiday finances up to speed over juice and croissants from your hotel balcony before you even set out for the day’s adventures.

Money saved, ease of use and complete control – now all you need to do is get yourself to the airport on time. And when you’re there – why not use that cash saved by opting for a travel money card and treat yourself at the duty free shop.

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