How to Pick a Credit Card Fit for a Traveling Lifestyle

If you can’t stop yourself from frequently using your credit card and from traveling, you might as well maximize your credit card by leveraging your purchasing power and using credit card for your trips.

Credit cards are a great traveling companion because they are safer to use than cash and other monetary commodities. They also travel perks such as the familiar yet often overlooked frequent flyer program that offer free miles, points or even an all-expense paid vacation.


Not all credit cards are designed for the avid traveler, though. When looking for a travel credit card, make sure to consider these factors.

  • Foreign Transaction Fees – Most credit cards offer the best conversion rates but usually charge 3% fee for foreign transactions. Just beware of cards that charge you so much and too often. To avoid foreign transaction charges entirely, get a Capital One No Hassle Card.


  • Annual Fees – Credit card companies are so tricky. They usually lure you into their lifetime no-annual-membership-fee offer but they make other charges like finance and late payment fees higher. Compare credit card offers to make sure that your card collects the least fees and charges.
  • Huge Signup Bonus – New cardholders are often offered signup bonuses in the form of free domestic flights. This allows you to start traveling the moment you get your credit card.
  • Spending Minimum – Credit card companies require a specific amount of spending before you become entitled to travel bonuses. Choose a card with the lowest spending minimum requirement.


  • Points – Choose a credit card that not only gives you a point for every dollar spent, but also gives you extra points or freebies. A card that rewards you for shopping at a favorite retailer is an added bonus.

Just remember, though, that flyer points or miles have expiration. So you might as well embrace a good traveling life if you want to maximize the travel bonuses that your credit card provides.

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Photos by: Sean MacEnteeJosé Manuel Ríos ValienteChris Ford and mroach