How to Charter Your Own Yacht – From Finding the Right Crew to Flawless Yacht Marketing

Many yacht owners choose to charter their yacht to help offset operational costs and to ensure their vessel keeps active, remains in good working order, and the crew maintains high standards.

Turning your private yacht into a successful charter operation requires a clear understanding of the yacht charter market and the demands of charter guests.

If you’re wondering how to charter your own yacht, then read on. Here we explore some of the key aspects you will need to consider to charter your yacht.


How to charter your own yacht


1 – A professional crew



The right crew is critical to the success of chartering your own yacht. Charter guests seek flawless experiential experiences at sea, including exceptional service levels that surpass the world’s most luxurious resorts. A qualified and professional multi-lingual crew with a diverse range of skills can help meet the needs of today’s charter guests.

Skills that are in high demand and will help ensure a successful charter operation include a crew with qualifications in massage therapy, beauty treatments, hairdressing, flower arranging, wine, scuba diving, mixology, childcare, and qualified chefs with experience in global cuisine and catering to a range of dietary needs.

Working with a superyacht recruitment company can help an owner ensure they have the very best crew in place with experience working with the world’s most discerning travellers from around the globe.

2 –The latest water toys


A yacht loaded with the latest must-have water toys offers an appealing charter experience and is a must for anyone considering how to charter your yacht.

Before chartering your yacht, make sure you have a good selection of water toys to suit all ages. You should ensure that they are all in good operational condition and that your crew is experienced and sufficiently qualified to operate them. Wakeboards, kayaks, jet skis, paddleboards, fishing equipment, snorkelling gear, scuba diving equipment, Seabobs, and inflatables all guarantee fun on the water.

3 – State-of-the-art technology


Today’s yacht charter guests seek the latest onboard technology. High-speed WiFi is a must, along with integrated entertainment systems, state-of-the-art sound systems, waterproof speakers for around the pool and beach club, and iPads that guests can utilise to quickly alert the crew.

The use of AI and 3D technology can further enhance the yacht charter experience and ensure your yacht is in high demand. For example, 3D digital projections, which blur the lines between the physical and virtual world, can be used by charter guests to change their environment to suit their moods. 

4 – Flawless yacht marketing


Ensuring a successful charter operation means putting your yacht in front of a qualified and vetted audience. When considering how to charter your own yacht, make sure you contact an experienced luxury yacht brokerage. The best yacht brokerages will propel your superyacht into the spotlight by harnessing the power of the latest marketing techniques both online and offline.

Effective social media campaigns, glossy print products, beautifully executed photography and videography, and attendance at key industry events, including the world’s most prestigious yacht shows, can all help maximise your yacht’s charter potential.

The world’s best yacht brokerages will also have a database of high-net-worth individuals who are either existing yacht charters or vetted individuals new to yachting. 

5 – Eco-friendly initiatives


Like many people across the world, yacht charterers are becoming increasingly drawn to vessels that are green. Small changes onboard can help ensure your yacht is as eco-friendly as possible and reduce its carbon footprint, making it more appealing to yacht charterers.

For example, making sure the crew use only green cleaning products, encouraging guests to use refillable water bottles, and ensuring the food and beverage team buy locally sourced produce where possible can all help contribute to a greener charter operation.

There are multiple things to consider when it comes to thinking about how to charter your own yacht. However, get these aspects right and there is no question that a successful charter operation can reap dividends for the owner.