Step Inside Frida’s Lounge, Tulum’s Most Colorful And Creative Place For A Drink

Vivid colors, warm memories, cold drinks, and a sea breeze combine at Frida’s Lounge in Tulum, Mexico. This is much more than just another beachside spot to enjoy the sunset; it’s a taste of the richness of Mexican art, heritage, spirits, and cuisine that visitors won’t find anywhere else in town. Get an inside peek at this one-of-a-kind destination to see why it should be at the top of your Tulum itinerary.

Frida’s Lounge

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

Welcome to Frida’s Lounge, a rooftop bar and lounge space elevated above the beachfront at La Zebra. Bursting with both tradition and creativity, it is inspired by and pays homage to Mexico’s great artistic traditions and the country’s most famous artist herself.

La Zebra

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

Frida’s Lounge sits above the restaurant at La Zebra, one of Tulum’s most popular beachside boutique hotels. A uniquely nostalgic ode to Mexican design, the indoor and outdoor spaces for drinks and bites at Frida’s Lounge make it much more than just an extension of La Zebra’s other spaces, but something all its own.


Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

The space centers around a stylish covered bar on an expansive rooftop terrace with ocean views. Every detail has been carefully curated to call on the beauty of Mexico, from baskets brimming with fresh fruit reminiscent of food markets across the country to a vintage sugarcane press to make fresh guarapo sugarcane juice.

Indoor Outdoor

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

“Nostalgia plays a pivotal role here, as visitors are invited to step into a world where each corner, each hue, evokes a sense of familiarity and joy,” says Laura Avila, the creator of Frida’s Lounge and the General Manager of boutique hotels La Zebra and Lula. The space’s vivid colors and distinct stylistic elements were inspired by her grandmother’s house, now shared with Frida’s Lounge guests in a vibrant yet cozy, comfortable space.

Festive Fun

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

The space’s bright splashes of color and pattern are an irreverent invitation to fun that runs throughout the space. “The rooftop’s fusion of aesthetics, colors, and inspiration creates a space where visitors can unwind, converse, and appreciate the beauty that art and culture bring to our lives,” says Avila.

Craft Cocktails

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

La Zebra employs its own master mixologist, meaning that Frida’s Lounge’s craft cocktails are second to none. The bar also serves an array of local and international beers, spirits, and classic cocktails for every palate.

Laidback Lounge

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

It’s all part of creating an inviting spot perfect for basking in both the natural beauty and cultural richness of Mexico, while sharing in the company of friends.

Mexican Bites

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

From its perch above the restaurant at La Zebra, Frida’s Lounge is never too far from a delicious dish.

Tacos And Beyond

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

The menu at La Zebra focuses on the vibrance of Mexican flavors and culinary traditions, making it accessible and recognizable for every palate but with an elevated, modern twist.

Chef’s Table by Eleazer Bonilla

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

Cap off the culinary journey at La Zebra by attending the hotel’s twice-weekly Chef’s Table public and private dinner events. Talented Mexican chef Eleazer Bonilla presents a show-stopping 8-course tasting menu, his love letter to traditional Mexican flavors and recipes, transformed into inventive new dishes that will wow with every bite. It is an event you won’t want to miss and a culinary highlight of a trip to Tulum.

Rooftop Magic

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

The moments of connection inspired at Frida’s Lounge are what traveling to Tulum is all about: sinking into relaxation and reconnection to self, to local culture, to friends, and to experiences that are unforgettable.

Meet Me at Frida’s Lounge

Image Credit: Colibri Boutique Hotels.

Pull up a chair at Frida’s Lounge and bask in the beauty of Mexican art, culture, and flavors with a nostalgic twist you just won’t find anywhere else in Tulum. It’s a space designed from the heart that you won’t be able to help but love.

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