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10 Best Hotels in Dominica: 2024 Dominica Hotels Guide

Dominica may not have the miles-long white sand beaches of the Bahamas or the over-the-top resorts of Antigua. However, Dominica has a major draw that puts its neighbors to shame: loads of authenticity and unparalleled natural beauty, even down to its unique hotels, considered among some of the best places to stay in the entire Caribbean.

Looking for the best hotels in Dominica for your getaway? With accommodations ranging from gracious beachfront resorts to hidden-away rainforest lodges, these are the must-visit Dominica hotels that will make your island vacation one of a kind.

jungle bay dominica

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Best Hotels in Dominica

The resorts and hotels of Dominica aren’t as big name – or large scale – as the jumbo-sized all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic or Mexico. It’s just this that gives them their appeal – they’re secluded hidden gems that feel like a true escape.

Secret Bay is by far the most famous and exclusive resort on the island, winning the title of the best resort in the Caribbean by Travel + Leisure. A few upcoming resorts and hotels from Hyatt promise to shake up the accommodation scene on the island, but for now, these are the best hotels in Dominica:

After trying out a few hotels and resorts on the island, we fell in love with Jungle Bay. It’s bursting with character and is perched in an incredibly scenic spot overlooking Scotts Head, one of the most incredible spots on the island. However, no matter which of these Dominica hotels you choose, you’re in for a memorable stay.

secret bay
Courtesy of Secret Bay

Dominica Hotels

1. Secret Bay

Best Luxury Hotel in Dominica

Perched on a craggy cliff with expansive ocean views, the six-star resort Secret Bay is the gem of Dominica, truly a step above the other hotels and resorts in Dominica. This Dominica resort offers an all-villa layout for the ultimate in seclusion, making it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations on the island.

Each villa features its own kitchen, plunge pool, private terrace with outdoor shower and hammock, and even a personal villa attendant for the duration of the stay. While rooms are well-appointed with a Caribbean flare, the true star is the incredible ocean view from every room, with lush rainforest surroundings bringing the Nature Island close.

Despite its position on a rocky crag above the sea, Secret Bay is actually one of the best resorts in Dominica for a beachy getaway. The resort provides exclusive access to Secret Beach, one of the most gorgeous cove beaches in Dominica, located just below it.

Reviews and Bookings: Secret Bay

jungle bay dominica

2. Jungle Bay

Best Resort in Dominica

Tucked away on a hillside overlooking Scotts Head and the Caribbean Sea, Jungle Bay is one of the most impressive hotels in Dominica, and our favorite resort in Dominica. This charming property instantly transports guests into the heart of the Nature Island, with its jungle name perfectly capturing the rainforest oasis at this sustainable, eco-luxury resort.

While Jungle Bay has sixty rooms and villas, you’d never know it. This resort offers a boutique, personalized experience for every guest, including just enough privacy to make it a favorite with honeymooners. Villas are expansive, with private terraces, shower rooms, and gorgeous natural materials and local furnishings, bringing the jungle feel from the outside in.

Jungle Bay has two pools, each with a view more impressive than the last, as well as two yoga pavilions, a spa, organic gardens that supply the kitchens, and views from every angle. Exploring the resort’s grounds with its winding jungle path is its own treat, with every inch of the property seemingly perfumed by flowers.

We stayed at Jungle Bay when we traveled to Dominica, and the stay itself was a definite highlight of our trip. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s worth traveling to Dominica just to stay at Jungle Bay. I can’t imagine a Dominica hotel or resort that could do a better job at bringing the feel of the Nature Island to life.

Reviews and Bookings: Jungle Bay

fort young
Courtesy of Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort

3. Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort

Best Dive Resort in Dominica

Located on a gorgeous stretch of ocean and surrounded by mountains and reefs, Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort is a laid-back water-front gem in Dominica’s capital of Roseau.

Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort prides itself on being the best hotel in Dominica for travelers looking to experience the many world-class dive sites just offshore. The hotel has its own dedicated dive shops with excursions leaving daily for the island’s best dive sites.

Dive packages are available for the dedicated diver, but add-on dive excursions are always available for any traveler looking to explore the richness of Dominica’s reefs.

The motto here is “all-inclusive, island-included,” meaning if you’re itching to explore the Nature Island of the Caribbean, you’re in the right place. Fort Young Hotel also offers an incredible array of excursions to explore the best of the island, always with an eye for sustainable and ethical experiences.

Reviews and Bookings: Fort Young Hotel & Dive Resort

coulibri ridge
Courtesy of Coulibri Ridge

4. Coulibri Ridge

The debut of Dominica’s newest resort, Coulibri Ridge, brought added excitement at a time when the island’s profile couldn’t be rising more rapidly. The resort’s reserved luxury, unmatched sustainability, and incredible natural beauty of its grounds make it instantly among the best resorts in Dominica – and one of the most eco-friendly resorts in the Caribbean.

Home to just 14 rooms and suites, each with stunning terraces and ocean views, Coulibri Ridge feels like a secluded slice of paradise high among the island’s lush mountain canopy. Several suites offer private plunge pools and outdoor showers, while every room offers spacious, apartment-style layouts putting views front and center.

The resort’s stunning but remote location has everything you could need on the property, including a spa, yoga pavilion, two restaurants, and guided excursions to the best activities and things to do in Dominica to help you enjoy your stay. However, just a ten-minute drive from charming Soufriere, Coulibri Ridge invites guests to enjoy one of the most scenic parts of Dominica.

Reviews and Bookings: Coulibri Ridge

pagua bay house
Courtesy of Pagua Bay House

5. Pagua Bay House

Hidden along Dominica’s enchanting eastern coast, Pagua Bay House is a new boutique hotel that reminds you of all that Dominica does best: hospitality, authenticity, and natural beauty. Attentive service by staff with an eye for planning a world-class trip, organizing dives, hikes, and other excursions to the best of the island.

Just a few oceanfront cabanas scattered around the property provide privacy. Cabanas are spacious but have a laidback Caribbean flare that makes them feel accessible rather than stuffy, perfectly suited to the jungle surrounds. The oceanfront restaurant at Pagua Bay House offers expansive views and great local flavor.

Don’t miss the sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean from the pool deck at Pagua Bay House; it’s magical and easily the best way to start a day in Dominica.

Reviews and Bookings: Pagua Bay House

hotel the champs
Courtesy of Hotel The Champs

6. Hotel The Champs

If you’re looking for a center-of-the-action stay, Hotel The Champs overlooks both the town of Portsmouth and the Caribbean Sea. Million-dollar views will make you feel like you’ve hit the lottery when you discover this spot, despite it offering a much more affordable stay than many other similar Dominica hotels in the area.

This hotel is home to only 5 rooms, making it a boutique stay by definition, and with all the personalized attention and service that comes with such a small property. While rooms are slightly outdated, you’ll hardly notice with the expansive veranda views over the ocean, lush mountaintops, and colorful streets of Portsmouth below.

Nearby, find some of the best beaches in Dominica, including the stunning if difficult-to-access Secret Beach, Coconut Beach, and Cabrits National Park is just beyond with all its world-class trails and ocean vistas.

Reviews and Bookings: Hotel The Champs

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Citrus Creek Plantation
Courtesy of Citrus Creek Plantation

7. Citrus Creek Plantation

Set on twenty spacious acres of riverside jungle on the little-visited southeastern coast of Dominica, Citrus Creek Plantation is a unique eco-lodge with a true off-grid feel. Cottages and cabins are basic but spacious, many with terraces and verandas with riverfront views and surrounded by lush greenery.

Don’t expect extravagant luxuries here! Citrus Creek Plantation is all about disconnecting and getting off the grid. Swim in the river or visit beaches few locals and even fewer travelers have explored.

Despite its remoteness, internet and phone service is available. Amenities like kitchens make it easy to live like a local, though an on-site restaurant is available as well. If you’re looking for a true jungle escape, this is one of the best destinations in Dominica for it.

Reviews and Bookings: Citrus Creek Plantation

mango island lodges
Courtesy of Mango Island Lodges

8. Mango Island Lodges

A luxurious hotel without the price tag of some of the more well-known resorts on Dominica, Mango Island Lodges is a dreamy spot that feels like the perfect cross between a rainforest lodge and a Caribbean resort.

This unique property uses natural materials like local wood and river stones to melt into the lush green surroundings and highlight the Caribbean Sea views for a magical experience that feels like you’re soaring above a jungle canopy. The infinity pool and pool deck are particularly impressive, the perfect spot for a front-seat sunset view.

Just twenty-five minutes north of Roseau, Mango Island Lodges is tucked along one of the most desirable sections of Dominica’s western coast, near the island’s best beaches, eateries, and dive spots. The hotel makes it easy to explore as well, with a la carte activities and excursions for travelers, including whale watching, canyoning, and guided hikes along the island’s most impressive trails.

Reviews and Bookings: Mango Island Lodges

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hibiscus valley inn
Courtesy of Hibiscus Valley Inn

9. Hibiscus Valley Inn

Offering just eleven unique rooms tucked away in the jungle, Hibiscus Valley Inn is the ultimate choice for travelers looking to enjoy the verdant rainforest of the Nature Island. Simple rooms and bungalows ooze Caribbean character and authenticity, and with their eco-lodge certifications and feel you’ll feel closer to nature than ever here.

Rooms offer views of lush jungle, and many have hammocks and balconies if you’re looking for a true castaway feel that seems harder and harder to find on other Caribbean islands these days.

Hibiscus Valley Inn also prides itself on building activities and adventures into your stay in Dominica, offering everything from river tubing and beach hopping to cooking classes and Dominica carnival experiences. Make sure to look into their activity-inclusive packages if you’re interested!

Looking for a longer stay in paradise? The hotel also offers long-term stay options, perfect for those looking to take advantage of Dominica’s Work in Nature digital nomad visa.

Reviews and Bookings: Hibiscus Valley Inn

tamarind tree
Courtesy of Tamarind Tree Hotel

10. Tamarind Tree Hotel

Clifftop Tamarind Tree Hotel is hidden near beaches and jungle paths for a true taste of the Nature Island of the Caribbean. An excellent option for a simple and affordable hotel in Dominica, it’s hard to find something not to love at Tamarind Tree Hotel.

The hotel offers twelve rooms and suites as well as three independent bungalows with two bedrooms and living space. Rooms are quite basic, but the gorgeous location of the hotel and the common areas like the pool deck and restaurant with lovely natural surroundings are where you’ll want to spend all your time anyway.

Divers and hikers will love the resort’s all-inclusive packages with activities included, which offer an affordable way to see the very best of the island alongside locals who know these destinations well.

Reviews and Bookings: Tamarind Tree Hotel

Dominica Hotels

Just a decade ago, most Dominica hotels offered little to write home about, with simple style and more grunge than ambiance. With Dominica quickly becoming a bonafide Caribbean island hotspot, that now couldn’t be further from the truth.

From remote jungle lodges and cabins to palatial resorts from international hotel brands, resorts and hotels in Dominica have become some of the most talked-about vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The only challenge travelers have now is narrowing down the list to find the perfect Dominica hotel for their dream getaway.

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