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10 Best Beaches in Dominica (You’ll Love!)

Volcanic and mountainous, the lush Caribbean island of Dominica isn’t known for its long white-sand beaches. However, with hidden coves, black sand shores, and rocky stretches giving way to world-class reefs, Dominica offers an enchanting beach experience all its own.

Don’t count out Dominica for your beach vacation; in many ways, the best beaches in Dominica are even better than you could imagine. Choose from white sand beauties to hidden spots surrounded by rainforests for a tranquil beach day; these Dominica beaches are bound to be some of your new favorites.

batibou beach
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

Best Beaches in Dominica

1. Batibou Beach

Considered by travelers and locals alike as one of the most beautiful beaches in Dominica, Batibou Beach has the stretches of white sand shaded by palms that and Caribbean traveler is looking for. Uncrowded and undeveloped, Batibou Beach feels like what the Caribbean was decades ago; it’s a pleasure to visit.

Set in a gorgeous, shaded cove, you’ll find few waves here, making it a perfect Dominica beach even for beginner swimmers and snorkelers.

Batibou Beach is by no means built up, though it does have bathroom facilities and a great local restaurant run by two sisters whose family has long owned the lime plantation that sits directly above the beach. Eating here is a must – it was some of the most delicious food we enjoyed on the island, filled with flavor!

It can be a bit of a journey to reach Batibou Beach, hidden away on the island’s rugged northern coast. Without the motorized watersports and bigger crowds of some of the island’s more easily accessible beaches, it’s a quiet escape you’ll love.

While the drive can be a bit bumpy and beach access costs $5 per person, it’s worth it to visit this gorgeous Dominica beach, a fan favorite on the island.

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pointe baptiste
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

2. Pointe Baptiste

With golden sands, shallow waters, and stunning surroundings, the hidden beaches at Pointe Baptiste are among some of the best beaches in Dominica. However, with so much beauty and unique features, they aren’t poised to be a secret for much longer.

Pointe Baptiste is well known in Dominica for having stunning red rocky formations facing, which many travelers say look like the American Southwest meets the Caribbean Sea. Some travelers visit this area just to trek among the rocks, though combining time with a trip to this one-of-a-kind Dominica beach is the best way to spend a day.

Pointe Baptiste Beach is hidden within the historic Pointe Baptiste Estate, which is home to a guest house from the 1930s and its own family-run chocolate factory. Stay at the hotel for expansive ocean vistas from the veranda, or drop by to learn more about the small family chocolate business. Of course, samples are included!

Like neighboring Batibou Beach, Point Baptiste can be a bit challenging to access. A dirt road connecting the beach with the main road can get challenging to navigate if it has recently rained, so look for a taxi or book a rental car with four-wheel drive if you’re traveling in the rainy season.

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champagne beach
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

3. Champagne Beach

Dominica’s numerous hot springs and famous Boiling Lake hint at its powerful volcanic nature, but evidence of the island’s volcanic heart is even visible beneath the waves. Named for the tiny streams of volcanic bubbles bursting from between rocks and corals beneath the waves, Champagne Beach is one of the must-visit beaches in Dominica to add to your bucket list.

While Champagne Beach is famous for its unique bubbles, it’s even more well-known among divers and snorkelers for its incredible Champagne Reef, which sits just off the shoreline. Colorful sponges, corals, and an array of marine life – from sea turtles to fish and eels – call this reef home, and make it one of the best places for snorkeling in the Caribbean,

Divers have just as much to love at the reef off of Champagne Beach. A 17th-century Spanish wreck accessible only to divers sits just offshore, now covered with incredible sponges and sea fans, home to swarms of fish and even sea turtles.

While Champagne Beach is one of the most famous Dominica beaches, it’s definitely not known for its smooth fine sand. Champagne Beach is rocky, with tons of pebbles and even bigger rocks instead of sand on the shores.

However, the incredible snorkeling means you’ll see plenty of locals and travelers alike enjoying this famous beach; just make sure to bring water shoes or plastic sandals to brave the rocky bottom.

secret beach
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

4. Secret Beach

Despite its name, it’s no secret that Secret Beach is among the most beautiful Dominica beaches. This small white sandy cove is one of the most impressive spots on the island, surrounded by impossibly tall cliffs and rainforest vegetation, with shallow, crystal-clear water.

Only accessible by swimming or kayaking from nearby Tibay Beach, Secret Beach truly lives up to its name. Few visitors make it here, giving it an ultimate desert island feeling.

Secret Beach sits just below Secret Bay, one of the most incredible resorts in Dominica. Its position on the rocky outcropping above the beach makes it barely visible from below, but should you get the chance to stay here you’ll get to see all the beauty of this hidden cove from above. Wow is it impressive!

Secret Bay guests also have access to the beach via resort property, just one of the many amenities of staying at this guest-favorite Dominica resort.

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5. Coconut Beach

Just a few minutes’ drive north from Secret Beach, Coconut Beach is one of the Dominica beaches to boast the longest stretch of sand on the island. It is a lovely spot at that, in many ways to complete opposite of its more hidden sister beach below Secret Bay.

At Coconut Beach you’ll find plenty of beach amenities, watersports, and vendors ready to get you set up with everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to wakeboarding and beach chairs. Adventurous beachgoers can rent jetskis and sailboats to explore this gorgeous area of the coast of Dominica.

The color of the sand at Coconut Beach falls somewhere between golden and black. While it might not be as beautiful as some of the islands, Coconut Beach offers everything you could ask for on a beach day, including gentle waves and plenty to see and do.

The mountainous, forested surroundings at Coconut Beach remind you why Dominica beaches are some of the most endlessly appealing in the entire Caribbean.

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mero beach
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

6. Mero Beach

Just a short drive north of Dominica’s capital of Roseau, Mero Beach is one of the island’s longest and loveliest beach spots.

The sand at Mero Beach is dark, almost black, but the water is stunningly calm and peaceful, making it the perfect spot for beginner swimmers or children. Beach chairs and umbrellas for rent, as well as an array of activities and water sports make it one of the best beaches in Dominica for families.

The sand is dark, almost black, and the peaceful verdant green hills and mountains also the beach make it feel like an authentic island paradise rather than a mass-produced experience.

If you’re visiting the island on a cruise and you’re looking to hit the beach, this is one of the best beaches in Dominica to choose from. Mero Beach’s amenities and size, plus its relatively short 20-minute ride from the port, makes this one of the best and easiest Dominica beaches to enjoy on a beach day.

7. Toucari Beach

A laid-back beach mostly frequented by locals, Toucari Beach is a gem on the northern end of the island worth a visit. You’ll feel like it’s a peek back at the Caribbean of decades past, with its restaurant and beach bar serving up tasty local favorites just steps from the sand.

Dominica has no lack of incredible destinations for diving, but Toucari Beach is famous on the island for having great snorkeling directly from the beach. Divers can find their fair share of beauty underwater as well, with the shallower Toucari Caves and deeper “Barracuda Reef” definitely worth adding to your Dominica diving bucket list.

Toucari Beach is just around the point from the InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa, an IHG Hotel, one of the best resorts on the island, and a real draw for travelers to Dominica.

If you’re looking for a great place from which to explore this gorgeous corner of the island, this is it. The hotel has its own expansive beachfront, but its great location makes it perfect for accessing the rest of the island.

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woodford hills beach
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

8. Woodford Hills Beach

Woodford Hills Beach is a beautiful golden-sand beach among the island’s rugged northern coast, easily among the best beaches in Dominica in both beauty and experience. Despite its proximity to other favorite Dominica beaches like Pointe Baptiste with its striking red rocks and Batibou Beach, Woodford Hills Beach is an increasingly popular favorite.

The beach’s reef is stunning, making it a favorite destination for snorkeling and diving, with everything from colorful tropical fish and turtles to dolphins venturing into the bay. Colorful corals and sponges make for a memorable excursion that even beginners can enjoy.

Gorgeous, forested cliffs surround the beach and make it a popular destination. It’s shaded with palms and makes it a great place to spread out a towel and have an easy day at the beach.

You’ll find umbrellas and beach chairs to rent at Woodford Hills Beach, though there aren’t many other beach amenities available at this still off-the-beaten-path spot, so come prepared with everything you need for a beach day.

9. Douglas Bay

A long stretch of sand near wild Cabrits National Park, Douglas Bay is home to one of the most classically beautiful beaches in Dominica, perfect for a beach day on the northern end of the island.

Despite its gorgeous and natural surroundings, Douglas Bay is popular enough that it has plenty of beach amenities to make this the perfect spot for a long, lazy day on the sand. A number of beach bars and restaurants are scattered along the beach access points, and vendors provide equipment for water sports and rentals of chairs and umbrellas.

At the southern end of the bay, you’ll find the exceptional InterContinental Dominica Cabrits Resort & Spa, an IHG Hotel. If you’re looking for a true beach getaway in Dominica, this resort is perhaps your best choice. Plenty of beachfront, expansive swimming pools, and gorgeous mountain views make it one of the most impressive resorts on the island.

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beaches in dominica
Courtesy of Discover Dominica

10. Number One Beach

One of Dominica’s unique claims to fame? It was featured heavily as a filming location in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise! Number One Beach, also known as Hampstead Beach, was the filming location for scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, but even if you’re not a fan of the films you’ll love this striking beach in Dominica.

Number One Beach has striking dark sand, earning a spot on many a top ten list of the best black sand beaches in the Caribbean. With dramatic cliffs surrounding this remote beach and lush jungle surrounds, it’s easy to see why the directors found this beach as the perfect spot to film a deserted paradise island.

Keep in mind that the waves here can get strong at times, so it’s not the best beach for swimming, especially for families or beginners. However, if you’re looking for a Dominica beach that offers a true, quiet escape, Number One Beach is a fantastic choice!

Dominica Beaches

Dominica might not have many of the miles-long white sand beaches you picture when dreaming of the best beaches in the Caribbean, but don’t let that deter you from booking a beachy getaway in Dominica. It might just be exactly what you were looking for.

Dominica’s pristine cove beaches, easy shore access to world-class reefs with volcanic energy, and hidden patches of fine sand make this the Caribbean island you’ve been dreaming of. Packed with the authenticity and unrefined beauty you might not expect to still remain in the Caribbean, Dominica is ready to surprise you.

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