Do Adults Need Playgrounds? This Designer Says Yes.

It’s never too late to have a little fun! Meet Play Playground, a first-of-its-kind adult playground in Las Vegas designed to incite a childlike joy and delight in every adult visitor. Created by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, an international interior design firm responsible for award-winning projects around the globe, this irreverent space is one you have to experience for yourself. 

PLAY Playground

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Get ready to unlock long-forgotten memories and endless nostalgia at Play Playground. This unique destination does more than just encourage visitors to unplug and connect authentically with friends in a digital age; it also captures the effortless, playful feel of childhood that too often escapes us in adult life. 

Adult Playground

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Play Playground is located within the iconic Luxor Hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Its vibrant, colorful design packs visual interest into every square inch, creating a stand-out experience from start to finish as guests journey through the space.

Bishop Design by Paul Bishop

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Play Playground was created by Bishop Design as a visually immersive destination inspired in part by the fantastical story of Alice in Wonderland. Fall down the rabbit hole to find larger-than-life art, game installations, and colorful cocktail bars that transform a once-simple space into an all-encompassing experience. 

Award-Winning Designs

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

The space’s one-of-a-kind features and detail-oriented development remain true to Bishop Design’s design philosophy of staying “rooted in creating cutting-edge interiors while exceeding client expectations and enhancing consumer experiences across the globe.” 

Playful Nostalgia

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Guests arrive at Play Playground to discover what feels like a 14,000-square-foot interactive amusement park, with something new to grab their attention around every corner. The space features 17 life-size games and 6 memorable activations that easily make this the most “playful” bar in Las Vegas. 

Playground Bars

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Part of the Play Playground experience is the space’s two bars and lounge areas. Both feature carefully crafted cocktails and brews presented in a playful way that stays true to Play Playground’s character in even the smallest of details. 

Childhood Wonder

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

It’s an essential aspect of remaining true to the heart of the space, with eye-catching designs and bold colors recalling childhood nostalgia and delight at every turn.

Interactive and Immersive

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Play Playground cultivates an impressive array of “Instagram-worthy” spaces, though the philosophy at the heart of its design and development is one designed to get guests out of the digital space and into moments of authentic connection. Visitors are invited to treat the discovery of each visually-impressive installation as part of an adventure of spending the day at Play Playground.

Lots of Light

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Like color, light is an essential element throughout the space, designed to thoughtfully deliver bold contrast and dynamic visuals for even more fun.

Plenty of Play

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

While there’s always plenty of space to play at Play Playground, the space also provides a mezzanine level where sunken seated cabanas await beneath fluffy “clouds.” This fun space is the perfect private setting for VIP parties, reunions, or private gatherings, offering unobstructed views of the rest of Play Playground.

Oversized Fun

Image Credit: PLAY Playground.

Oversized games and larger-than-life design, as imagined by Bishop Design, make Play Playground a space filled with wonder and nostalgia, ready to transform the most serious adult back into an eager kid. It’s a design marvel that cultivates a vibrant interactive experience that your inner child can’t wait to enjoy.

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