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21 Best Cities in Spain (That You’ll Love!)

From tiny fishing villages to ancient cities clinging to the sides of cliffs and major cities with global influences, Spain has an incredible array of destinations worth exploring. Whether you’re looking for charming, historic beauty or vibrant cultural activities and events, you’ll find it in Spain. As for delicious Spanish food? You’ll find that wherever you visit in Spain.

This ultimate guide to the best cities in Spain for travelers should help you narrow down your itinerary for Spain to the very best Spanish cities, towns, and villages with exactly what you’re looking for. Big and small, these are the best cities to visit in Spain!

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Best Cities in Spain

1. Barcelona

If you’re planning a visit to Spain, the vibrant city of Barcelona should definitely be at the top of your list! No matter what your interest – food, beaches, culture, architecture – you’ll find it and more among the many fantastic things to do in Barcelona.

One of the unique attractions of Barcelona is the incredible architecture of Antoni Gaudí. His one-of-a-kind architectural style is evidenced in iconic buildings all around Barcelona, and his works have been honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You’ll definitely want to visit his masterwork, the basilica of La Sagrada Família. This stunning cathedral is still under construction, as it has been for decades, but it’s spectacular to behold. You will need to purchase tickets or book a tour to see the magnificent inside of the cathedral – make sure to purchase tickets online ahead of time unless you want to wait in line for hours!

Spend some time strolling down Barcelona’s famous pedestrian boulevard, La Rambla. This broad avenue is flanked with cafés, bars, museums, and hotels – as well as plenty of street performers to provide entertainment.

Another must-see attraction in Barcelona is La Boqueria, among Barcelona’s best food markets (Santa Caterina is worth a visit, too!). Visit the market around lunchtime and sample freshly squeezed juices, local produce, fine cheeses, jamón Ibérico, and countless sweet and savory delights! 

2. Girona

For charm and history, don’t skip northern Spain’s stunning Girona, among the best cities in Spain for travelers looking to get immersed in history. While you can make Girona a day trip from Barcelona to Girona if time is a constraint, a visit for a few days will allow you to really enjoy this gem. 

Girona offers many beautiful landmarks and monuments, and the dining scene is incredible. Fans of Game of Thrones will also be excited to learn that Girona served as a filming location for the show.

One of Girona’s most impressive attractions is the Girona Cathedral. The steps leading up to the main entrance doors are majestic! Walking the walls of the town is another must-do activity, as is taking photos of the striking Eiffel Bridge. 

Allow some time to wander the alleys of the Jewish Quarter, visit the Arab baths, and step inside other churches and monasteries in town. There are several picturesque bridges across the Onyar River, and standing on a bridge to take photos of the “hanging houses” is one of the most popular things to do in Girona. 

Easily accessible from Barcelona by car, small group or private day trip excursion, or high-speed train, you’ll have no problems getting here! Girona awaits. 

3. Valencia

Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, is a must-see due to its excellent climate, beaches, and historical sites. Famous for being the Paella capital of the world, it’s you know you’re in for a treat in Valencia if you’re a fan of Spain’s most famous dish!

There’s always a pleasant surprise around the corner in Valencia, from the quiet, narrow streets of the old town to the Gothic-style Valencia Cathedral, retaining elements from many periods. Valencia’s history is also visible at Torres de Serranos Gate, built in 1391 as part of the city’s defense. Take in stunning views of the city and the Turia River from its terraces and explore the remnants of the city’s wall.

Another essential stop on your Valencia itinerary is Mercado Central, Europe’s largest fresh produce market with over 1200 stalls and a delight to your senses. 

In contrast to the city’s older neighborhoods, the City of Arts and Sciences comprises several impressive, ultra-modern buildings that have become icons of Valencia. Designed to provide entertainment, this scientific, artistic, and natural leisure facility, you can visit museums or rent rowing boats, kayaks, paddle boards, bikes, or electric scooters to explore.

Finally, you must see Playa de la Malvarrosa. The most well-known beach in Valencia is accessible by metro and bus, boasting a long stretch of golden sand.

Valencia is a beautiful and diverse city with historical landmarks, modern entertainment complexes, and pristine beaches, and it is undeniably one of the best cities in Spain.

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4. Granada

One of the most authentic and charming cities to visit in Spain is Granada. Often overlooked for ultra-popular places such as Barcelona and Madrid, Granada is a unique and special city with stunning architecture and a rich history, all making it well worth a visit!

You will find Granada located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains just a 3 hour drive from Seville. Granada is known for its rich Moorish history, vibrant culture, and picturesque beauty. 

The city of Granada is unique in that it has managed to successfully blend many different cultures and traditions while still maintaining its own distinct character. The Moorish influence can be seen throughout the city, with stunning architecture like the Alhambra Palace and the Moorish-style homes that line the streets. The city also has several beautiful churches and cathedrals, some of which were built during the Spanish Inquisition.

The food scene in Granada is totally unique, mixing traditional Spanish dishes like paella and tapas while also offering some interesting dishes from its Arab roots. Think of it as Middle Eastern food meets Andalusian cuisine. 

Granada really has something for everyone! There are some great opportunities for hiking and climbing in the Sierra Nevada mountains for those who love the outdoors. If you are a history buff, spend the day exploring the Alhambra Palace, or if you’d rather indulge in something more relaxing, visit the bathhouse at Hammam Al Andalus.

5. Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and a wonderful historical city to visit. While Palma is a small, compact city, there is plenty to do and see here, and its size makes it easy to explore. Much more than just a gateway to Mallorca, Palma has a lot to offer, making it one of the best cities in Spain.

One of the main sights in the city is the Seu Cathedral, which is fascinating to visit. Inside, you can see a mural designed by the local artist Miquel Barceló, which resembles Gaudi’s work. This is no coincidence: Antoni Gaudi is responsible for the stained glass of the Cathedral’s gothic windows.

Another great place to see in Palma is the L’Almudaina Palace, the summer residence of the King and Queen of Spain. You can visit it when they are not in residence. One of the unique things to see in Mallorca is the 600 years old olive tree still happily living in the Placa de Cort, in front of the Town hall. 

Palma has a great beach, so you can divide your time here between visiting and relaxing. At night, head over to the west of the town where you will find some exclusive restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You may even get lucky and get invited to one of the parties on a yacht in the Marina.   

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6. Cádiz

Cádiz is one of the most fascinating cities in Spain, enchanting with its beauty and distinctive pull for travelers. The city is thought to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe, populated since the 8th century BC. Even so, Cádiz has a very young, vibrant atmosphere, with plenty of vibrant terraces, bars, and restaurants. 

While there is plenty to see and do in Cádiz, the city’s cathedral is particularly impressive. It is known as the “Cathedral of the Americas” because it was built with wealth coming from the colonization and conquest of the Americas. The cathedral faces the sea and has its crypt under the water level, which is unique.

Minutes away from the Cathedral you will find the fish market, where the locals meet at lunchtime to enjoy freshly grilled fish and seafood over cold drinks. 

For a bird’s eye view of the city, climb up Torre Tavira. For a different perspective, head over to the Paseo del Vendaval from where you can enjoy the iconic postcard panoramic point of the city. 

Facing the ocean, Cádiz also has quite a few urban beaches where you can relax and enjoy a drink or two when the weather is too hot. On the beaches near Cádiz you can learn how to surf or ride a horse at sunset. Of course, the rest of the Spanish coast awaits as well.

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7. Bilbao

If you’re looking to discover Spain’s northern region, make sure to add Bilbao to your itinerary! This city has a laid-back atmosphere and is known for its captivating blend of historic architecture and modern contemporary designs, making it an exciting place to explore. 

One of the main attractions that you won’t want to miss is the iconic Guggenheim Museum. Designed by world-famous architect Frank Gehry, this museum houses a diverse collection of contemporary and modern pieces, including several pieces by world-renowned artist Jeff Koons. 

Or, if you’re a wine lover, then a popular activity to do near Bilbao is tasting the specialties of the famous Rioja wine region. This area is highly regarded for producing delicious red wines and is only an hour and a half away from the city!

So, if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation full of all kinds of impressive architecture, be sure to consider visiting Bilbao!

8. Madrid

When visiting Spain, you can’t miss the capital city of Madrid! Madrid is a vibrant and exciting city that offers visitors a wide range of cultural and historical attractions, as well as lively nightlife and delicious cuisine. 

Madrid is known for its beautiful architecture and historic landmarks. The Royal Palace of Madrid, for example, is a magnificent 18th-century palace that is open to the public and well worth a visit. The city is also home to many beautiful churches and plazas, including the stunning Plaza Mayor, which is surrounded by beautiful baroque buildings. Easy day trips from Madrid include nearby palaces and further-away cities made easily accessible by high-speed train.

If you’re looking for local cuisine, you’ll quickly find that you’re in a food lover’s paradise. The city is famous for its tapas bars, which offer a wide range of delicious small plates, as well as its traditional dishes such as cocido madrileño (a hearty stew) and churros con chocolate (fried dough with hot chocolate).

Finally, Madrid is a lively and exciting city that offers visitors a wide range of entertainment options. The city is home to many music venues, theaters, and clubs, and the nightlife is legendary – check out El Kapital for a wild night out!

Spanish nightlife is much different than other countries as it starts around midnight and can last until 5 AM in the morning – this and other cultural differences and details are certainly something to know before traveling to Spain.

While Madrid is big and bustling, it’s the capital of Spain for a reason: it is the seat of all the latest and greatest in Spain. Madrid is a beautiful and exciting city that offers visitors a wide range of cultural and historical attractions, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. It’s definitely one of the cities in Spain most worth a visit!

9. Zaragoza

Beautiful Zaragoza, surprisingly overlooked by most visitors to Spain, is among the largest cities in Spain, and a wonderful place to explore. Located roughly halfway between Madrid and Barcelona in northeastern Spain, it’s an easy stop-off for travelers and a great addition to popular Spain itineraries.

Begin your exploration of Zaragoza from the impressive Plaza del Pilar, the city’s main square. From here, you can admire and visit the imposing Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar), the most famous church in Zaragoza, and other architecturally stunning buildings, such as the Cathedral of El Salvador de Zaragoza and the city hall. 

Away from the main square, stroll across to Zaragoza’s historic center and lose yourself in the gorgeous backstreets. As you stroll the streets, you can’t help but notice how the Goths, the Aragonese, the Moors, the Romans, and most recently, the Spanish have all left their mark on this vibrant city. 

For food lovers, sampling the delicious tapas will be a highlight of your time in Zaragoza. To find the best spots to try the local tapas, head over to the historic quarter near Calle Alfonso and the Basilica del Pilar in an area known as El Tubo. 

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10. Málaga

Málaga, situated in Southern Spain, is a fantastic destination for all kinds of travelers, offering everything from interesting museums and historical buildings to lovely beaches and scenic hiking trails. Plus, Málaga is one of the sunniest cities in Spain, making it an excellent choice for a beach holiday or a sunny winter getaway.

Don’t miss Alcazaba when visiting Málaga! Alcazaba is a fortress palace that will take you back to the Moor period in the city, and it is one of the best-preserved alcazabas in Spain. Walk through its manicured gardens and beautiful courtyards, admire its architecture, and learn about the history behind this historic building.

Another favorite destination in Málaga is Castillo de Gibralfaro, one of the most emblematic castles in Málaga, and offers the best panoramic views of the city. Take in the sunset here, then head out on the town to try some of Málaga’s best bites. Make sure to visit Atarazanas Market, a paradise for foodies.

11. Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of Spain’s Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Spain. It is an important port city in Spain and a popular tourist destination thanks to its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. 

This unique city in Spain has something for everyone and should not be excluded from any Tenerife itinerary – from ancient monuments to modern attractions such as museums and shopping malls. 

There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including exploring the city’s old town, admiring architecture at Plaza España, shopping on Calle del Castillo, or visiting some of the many lush parks throughout the city. Don’t miss the picturesque Auditorio de Tenerife Adan Martin or the Palmetum, the city’s impressive botanical garden.

Santa Cruz is also home to the second largest Carnival celebration in the world, after the one in Rio de Janeiro, so it is worth planning your vacation for Carnival season – check your calendar, as it changes every year, though it generally falls in February.

12. Huelva

Charming, unique Huelva is arguably one of the most underrated cities in Spain. Situated in the far south of Spain, only half an hour from the Portuguese border, it is often overlooked in favor of nearby Seville and Cadiz. Don’t make the same mistake – consider adding Huelva to your Spain itinerary for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Huelva has a rich history and a wealth of historical remains from the wealthy English settlements that formed the city in the late 1800s and early 1900s. In addition to the magical Marismas del Odiel Nature Reserve that surrounds the city, the most prominent attraction in Huelva is Muelle del Tinto.

However, visitors should also take a stroll through the old English neighborhood Barrio Reina Victoria or visit the English gardens of Casa Colon during their stay.

The beaches in Huelva are also some of the most spectacular in the country, many of them wild and with incredibly fine sand. Nearby, you find vibrant coastal towns like Punta Umbria and El Rompido, which are embraced by the natural reserve and its barrier islands. 

Huelva has an energetic vibe with excellent restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a coffee in the sun or go out for drinks after the sun sets. It’s one of the most off-the-beaten-path, enchanting small cities in Spain you won’t want to miss!

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13. Cadaqués

Cadaqués, a charming town in the coastal region of Costa Brava, make for an easy day trip from Barcelona, though it’s worth a much longer stay! It has glorious views of the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but don’t worry; there’s more to do than relax on the tiny beaches.

In a previous life, this small town was a fishing village, and a walk through the cobblestone streets and narrow meandering lanes will reveal the true beauty of this whitewashed town, among the best cities in Spain for travelers despite its tiny size. Check out some of the original homes of the fisherman, many of which are painted blue and white; they’re among the most beautiful spots in the city. It’s reminiscent of the charm of Seville but with incredible small-town appeal.

The famous artist Salvador Dalí used to live in Cadaqués, and his artistic spirit has influenced the area. Be sure to visit the Dalí House Museum, where he used to live and work. If you stay in the summer, be prepared for some crowds, especially during the week-long summer festival that ends on Catalonian National day on September 11th.

14. Córdoba

With more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other city, Córdoba is one of the most historic spots you can visit in Spain. Its incredible array of attractions and activities makes it one of the best cities in Spain to visit.

Located in Andalusia, Córdoba offers a unique blend of Moorish and Spanish culture, history, and architecture. It is best to spend a few days in this captivating city to experience all four world heritage sites. Take a half-day trip to the medieval Moorish ruins and the museum of the Medina Azahara for an immersive historical experience. 

Gaze in awe at the incredible red and white arches inside the Mosque Cathedral of Córdoba. Córdoba is known for its lush gardens, such as the gardens of Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, and flower-decorated patios, making its historic city center a surprising destination for nature lovers in Spain. Even outside the UNESCO-recognized festival, Cordoba’s Patios Festival, the colorful flowers, and patios are on display most of the year. 

After a long day of exploring, take a break and enjoy a bowl of Salmorejo, a cold gazpacho that originates in Córdoba. Whether you are looking for culture, history, urban nature, or tasty food, Córdoba is a great choice when visiting the cities of Spain.

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15. San Sebastian

Sitting on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, San Sebastian is a laid-back destination in northern Spain popular for its picture-perfect beach, scenic viewpoints, beautiful architecture, and exquisite culinary scene. While not as frequently visited as other northern cities in Spain, it’s a gem you’ll love.

The majority of the city was rebuilt after Napoleon’s troops almost completely destroyed it at the beginning of the 19th century. Some of its most notable landmarks include the lovely old town, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the gorgeous City Hall, the imposing castle Motako Gaztelua, and the Miramar Palace.

If it’s warm enough, San Sebastian’s dreamy main beach, La Concha, is an ideal place to soak up the sun, though you can also see it from above at the Monte Igueldo lookout point.

To experience the gastronomic side of San Sebastian, book a table at one of the many Michelin-star restaurants, try some pinchos (northern Spain’s version of tapas, usually consisting of a piece of bread with different toppings), and head to La Viña – the restaurant that invented an internationally famous cheesecake (now known as the burnt Basque cheesecake).

santiago de compostela
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16. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a beautiful city in the Galicia region of northern Spain. The small, walkable city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historic streets and buildings. Best known as the destination for the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, it’s a destination that even those who aren’t completing the trek might want to visit!

By far the most famous landmark in Santiago de Compostela is the Cathedral. It is the reputed burial place of Saint James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles. Pilgrims from all over the world converge on the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral as the ceremonial endpoint of the Camino de Santiago, among the best hikes in Spain.

Visitors can enter the church to enjoy its splendor and see the tomb of Saint James. The historic buildings of the city offer a view of many different style of architecture. Stroll through the maze of charming streets and shops of the Old District. Make sure to sample the Galician wines and the foods popular in the region of Galicia during your visit, such as pulpo or an almond tart cake.

17. Ávila

Ávila is a unique city, full of history, and with a stunning feature: this UNESCO world heritage site is still enclosed by its medieval walls today. Located in central Spain, it’s just over an hour northwest of Madrid, making it a favorite day trip from Madrid.

While visiting Ávila, climbing these medieval walls and visiting Ávila’s cathedral is a must! The construction of the walls spanned several centuries, beginning in the 11th. Today, about half of the 8,255-foot-long (2,516 meters) perimeter is open for visitors to stroll.

What makes these nearly 10-foot-wide (3-meters) walls even more interesting is how they integrate with other architecture in the city. Ávila’s Cathedral is one such building, as one of its walls is part of the defensive wall surrounding the city. 

This makes for an amazing view of the cathedral, standing atop the city walls. Inside, Ávila’s cathedral holds even more history and intrigue, though. Ávila claims Spain’s first gothic cathedral, with its construction beginning around the same time as the city wall. A guided tour of the bell tower is another experience you won’t want to visit on your visit. 

The tour twists up past the cathedral bells and into the bell keeper’s apartments for a behind-the-scenes experience. All in all, Ávila offers an adventure you won’t forget. 

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18. Almeria

Among so many favorite cities in Spain located within the enchanting province of Andalucia, Almeria is a hidden gem. This attractive city is known for its beautiful scenery, rich history, and distinctive architecture.

A popular location for travelers searching for a relaxing and serene holiday due to its mild temperature and stunning beaches, Almeria has so much to offer travelers, whether you’re looking for sun and sand or a charming city break.

Almeria is located on the Mediterranean coast and is flanked by stunning mountain ranges. It has a rich cultural past that dates back to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans. The city is home to a variety of historic sites, including the Alcazaba, a Moorish fortification erected in the 10th century. The ancient town of Almeria is a tangle of small alleys, whitewashed buildings, and magnificent squares, all of which contribute to its charm and beauty. 

Visiting the Taberna Desert is one of the most unusual things to do in Almeria. Its unusual terrain, located just a few miles from the city, is home to a number of Western film sets, making it a favorite visit for movie enthusiasts. Visitors may explore the movie sets, ride horses, and even dress up like cowboys and cowgirls. 

Another must-see attraction in Almeria is the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. This park is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, as well as a variety of rare and exotic plants and animals. Other musts while visiting Almeria include exploring the Cathedral of Almeriaand the Almeria Museum, and discovering the beautiful beaches of the nearby towns of Aguadulce and Roquetas de Mar. 

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19. Ronda

A city on the edge of a cliff, Ronda is among the most impressive cities in Spain, making a huge impact from the second you see it! Located 60 miles from Malaga in the stunning south of Spain, Ronda has stunning views from the Parador de Ronda to the valley below that you’ll have to see to believe.

To get a completely different view of the Ronda gorge, cross the Puente Nuevo and head into the old town. Walk the narrow, cobblestone streets and make sure to head to the Joaquín Peinado Museum. Joaquín Peinado was an Andalucian painter (and a contemporary of Picasso), and his museum in Ronda offers an impressive array of examples of his beautiful modern paintings. 

A few blocks away, the small municipal museum known as Mondragon Palace, with its beautiful hidden garden, leads you to a balcony overlooking another killer view of the valley. 

Ronda is also home to Plaza de Toros, where the Ronda Royal Cavalry Maestranza will celebrate its 450th anniversary in 2023. This bullring and equestrian school recently opened the Bullfighting Room, which showcases bullfighting dresses and artistic pieces. It is a window into this unique – if bittersweet – cultural tradition. 

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20. Santander

Located on Spain’s northern coast, Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region.  The city is nestled between the Cantabrian Mountains to the south and the Cantabrian sea.  Just over an hour west of Bilbao, it’s a great spot for a day trip from Bilbao or a dedicated few days on a northern Spain itinerary.

Given its geography, Santander is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. There are wonderful bike paths throughout the city, making getting around easy and convenient. 

While northern Spain is colder, Santander’s beaches with soft and golden sand surrounding the eastern and southern parts of the city are a wonderful place to sunbathe, relax, swim and even learn how to surf.  On the far east side of the city is the El Sardinero beach, an area known to be friendly to beginner surfers. 

On the far southeast side of the city is the Magdalena Peninsula.  At the entrance to the park is a tourist train that explores the area.  Don’t forget to visit the Palacio Magdalena, a royal summer residence.  Also in the park is a small marine zoo with seals and sea lions frolicking in the water coming straight from the sea.  Just outside of the park and to the south is the Maritime Museum. 

21. Segovia

While Segovia is considered one of the best day trips from Madrid, don’t let that fool you – it has so much more to offer than what you can see in just one day! Accessible by bus and train, this small but historic Spanish city is a must for history lovers, foodies, and seekers of impressive Spanish charm alike. 

Segovia’s famous multi-level Roman aqueduct is one of the best preserved and most accessible in Europe. It’s over 800 meters long and was built around 200 AD, cutting through the historic old town of Segovia and making a big impression.

Spain is famous for its fairytale castles, and Segovia is a must-visit city for castle lovers. On the top of the hill overlooking a river is El Alcázar. It’s a castle with a true princess feel and was even one of the models for the Walt Disney castle. You can tour the decorated rooms from the 15th century and climb the square tower. For the best photos, take a short walk down by the river and look up at the Alcázar.

Foodies will love Segovia’s Cochinillo de Segovia, or roast suckling pig. Another favorite local dish is ponche Segoviano, a spongey cake with a delicious custard filling and marzipan layering.

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