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12 Best Cayman Islands Beaches (For Every Traveler!)

Home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, it’s no surprise that the Cayman Islands are among the most sought-after destinations for a warm-weather getaway for winter-weary northerners. Grand Cayman is home to the famous Seven Mile Beach, a must-visit destination for every traveler visiting the island, but there are plenty of other Cayman Islands beaches that are worth traveling for, too.

Looking for the very best beaches in the Cayman Islands? Drawing on our own time spent beach-hopping in the Cayman Islands and the advice of local beach lovers, these are the twelve best beaches in the Cayman Islands you can’t afford to skip.

seven mile beach grand cayman

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Best Beaches in the Cayman Islands

Among the numerous beaches in the Cayman Islands, the world-famous Seven Mile Beach reigns supreme. Known as one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the Caribbean, Seven Mile Beach truly lives up to the hype. Pristine beaches like Varadero, Cuba and Grace Bay Beach in the Turks and Caicos are stunning, but Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach more than holds its own.

These are the best beaches on each island:

  • Best Beach in Grand Cayman: Seven Mile Beach
  • Best Beach in Cayman Brac: Brac Reef Beach
  • Best Beach in Little Cayman: Point of Sand

Honorable mention among the best Cayman Islands beaches goes to Rum Point Beach. Home to the original Wreck Bar where the delicious Caribbean cocktail known as the Mudslide was first created, it’s a must-visit destination on a trip to Grand Cayman.

seven mile beach

Cayman Islands Beaches

1. Seven Mile Beach | Grand Cayman

Best Beach in Grand Cayman

There’s no disputing that Seven Mile Beach is the best beach in the Cayman Islands. Year after year, Seven Mile Beach is named among one of the best beaches in the Caribbean by everyone from Tripadvisor to Travel + Leisure, and everyone in between.

After visiting some of the most pristine beaches in the region, we’d have to agree: the white sand and shallow, calm, clear waves at Seven Mile Beach are truly next level.

Seven Mile Beach occupies most of the western coast of Grand Cayman and is lined with some of the best resorts in the Cayman Islands. The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa sits along the longest stretch of sand at Seven Mile Beach, but resorts like The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, and Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa also boast spectacular beachfront.

Technically, all beaches in the Cayman Islands are public, even if there’s a resort on the beach, though locals and visitors alike leave resorts and amenities to guests. Amidst what feels like an endless line of resorts, you’ll find some sections of Seven Mile Beach that are just public – like Governor’s Beach and Cemetery Beach – and are beautiful, generally tranquil sections of beach worth enjoying.

Where To Stay on Seven Mile Beach

rum point grand cayman island

2. Rum Point Beach | Grand Cayman

Honorable Mention Must-Visit Beach in Grand Cayman

On the east side of the bay on Grand Cayman, Rum Point Beach is a must-visit among the beaches in the Cayman Islands. We consider an honorable mention among the best beaches in Grand Cayman that we couldn’t leave off this list.

Home to the original Wreck Bar, Rum Point Beach is where the famous Caribbean cocktail known as the Mudslide was first created. While the original Wreck Bar is no longer, a new bar and restaurant stands in its place and carries on the tradition of whipping up the best of this must-try beverage, made with vodka, Kahlua, Irish cream, and plenty of cinnamon.

Rum Point Beach is best known for its bar, but it’s a fun place to spend an entire day on the sand. The white sand beachfront isn’t long, but with food and drink service available, shady spots with beach chairs, and plenty to do, it’s a popular destination with travelers visiting on a day trip.

Visiting Rum Point Beach is at the top of a list of the best things to do in Grand Cayman. It’s also a popular stop on the half-day trips to Stingray City, which are some of the most popular tours in Grand Cayman.

Cayman Brac Beach Resort
Courtesy of Cayman Brac Beach Resort

3. Brac Reef Beach | Cayman Brac

Best Beach in Cayman Brac

The long, luxurious stretch of white sand at Brac Reef Beach is the best beach on Cayman Brac.

While Cayman Brac is known for its natural beauty and is a laidback haven that feels a world away from busy Grand Cayman, it’s home to very few beautiful beaches. This one is by far the best.

Brac Reef Beach sits in front of Cayman Brac Beach Resort, one of the most popular resorts in the Cayman Islands for divers looking to enjoy some of the island’s many impressive dive sites. The beach has plenty of great amenities for resort guests, like hammocks, beach chairs, and a large pool area, but like all Cayman Islands beaches, it’s accessible to everyone – not just guests.

Where To Stay On Cayman Brac

point of sand little cayman

4. Point of Sand | Little Cayman

Best Beach in Little Cayman

Looking for those special Cayman Islands beaches where you’ll feel like you’re on a private island? Look no further than Point of Sand on Little Cayman.

You won’t find any restaurants, bathrooms, or other amenities here – just the untouched sand of a beach considered among the most beautiful undeveloped beaches in the Cayman Islands.

If you think divers are drawn to Cayman Brac, you surely have yet to hear about Little Cayman. The world-famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau said this Caribbean island was among the top three destinations for diving in the entire world. While Point of Sand isn’t necessarily one of the best destinations for diving on the island, it is the best place to spend a beach day while enjoying Little Cayman on your dive trip or otherwise.

Point of Sand is known for being pristine, and its waters are quite shallow until it reaches a slow dropoff meters out from the shore beneath the waves. It’s a great beach option for families, though snorkelers should take care of currents when straying further from the shore.

Where To Stay on Little Cayman

west end beach
MarciucIvan / Shutterstock

5. West Bay Beach | Grand Cayman

At the very northern end of Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman, West Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the Cayman Islands. Despite its beauty, it’s also one of the most relaxed and uncrowded sections of Seven Mile Beach.

A few condos and restaurants dot this section of sand, though it’s devoid of the larger resorts that take up space along the southern section of the beach. This makes West Bay Beach one of the better choices for those either not staying in the Seven Mile Beach area or those simply looking for a more local, laidback beach experience.

Public restrooms and changing rooms, as well as a decent selection of food options (Heritage Kitchen is a must for classic Caribbean dishes!), make it easy to spend an entire day here.

Access the wreck of the USS Kittiwake just offshore from West Bay Beach and the adjacent Cemetery Beach. This impressive shipwreck site is one of the most popular spots for scuba diving in Grand Cayman, but it’s also accessible for snorkelers from the beach.

Where To Stay Near West Bay Beach

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owen island
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6. Owen Island | Little Cayman

Just offshore from Little Cayman, undeveloped Owen Island is a true escape. There are no beach amenities here, but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet – and plenty of seclusion – there’s nowhere better in the Cayman Islands.

Owen Island has no permanent structures and is only accessible via kayak or private boat from Little Cayman, making it as close to a private island experience as you’ll find in the Cayman Islands. While the kayak ride is a relatively short one – you can even swim the 200-yard distance if you want to – most visitors experience the island as part of a day spent sailing and snorkeling via private boat or small group excursion.

The island is rimmed with white sand, so whether you gravitate toward the larger beach on the northwest side of the tiny islet or prefer the even more tranquil beaches further down the shore, you’re in for a treat.

Where To Stay on Little Cayman

cemetery beach grand cayman

7. Cemetery Beach | Grand Cayman

Located near the northern end of Grand Cayman’s famous Seven Mile Beach, Cemetery Beach is one of the most beautiful sections of this world-famous beach.

If you aren’t staying at one of the resorts on Grand Cayman that is nestled along Seven Mile Beach but want to experience this can’t-miss beach in person, visiting the Cemetery Beach section of the shore is the perfect option. A bit further away from the more resort-heavy part of the beachfront, Cemetery Beach has good public parking and stunning sand, shaded by tropical foliage.

Cemetery Beach is also one of the better areas of Seven Mile Beach for snorkeling. The wreck of the USS Kittiwake offshore is another huge draw – it’s one of the most popular spots for scuba diving in Grand Cayman, but it’s also accessible for snorkelers.

Where To Stay Near Cemetery Beach

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starfish point grand cayman
Jim Catlin Photography / Shutterstock

8. Starfish Point | Grand Cayman

Stingray City isn’t the only place in Grand Cayman that is known for its marine life encounters. Nearby, Starfish Point is both a popular spot for snorkeling among a sea of spiky red starfish and one of the better beaches in the Cayman Islands.

I visited Starfish Point on a day when Stingray City was too wavy for a proper swim with the stingrays, and it was a fantastic beach day alternative. While there isn’t much here in terms of beach amenities – drive just a few minutes north to Rum Point Beach for that – it’s a great spot for swimming and sunning.

Feel free to get close to the starfish as you enjoy the beach and even pick them up – just don’t take them out of the water. They’ll die if they aren’t constantly submerged in the sea.

Most visitors get to Starfish Point by boat. It’s normal to see a few catamarans and speedboats parked here so visitors can enjoy some snorkeling along the white sand, and it’s a popular additional stop on a day trip, even on days that Stingray City is perfectly calm. However, you can also drive to Starfish Point if you’re exploring the island by car.

spotts beach grand cayman

9. Spotts Beach | Grand Cayman

Located along the southern shore of Grand Cayman, Spotts Beach is a small but lovely beach. A gorgeous stretch of pure white sand along relatively calm waters, it is a popular option with locals and visitors alike.

Spotts Beach is an exclusively public beach; while there are a few condos and housing complexes nearby, there are no resorts in sight, making this a great option for those exploring the island or staying somewhere without beachfront access.

There are several beach pavilions and tables available for public use but not many other beach amenities to speak of. Public parking is available.

Where To Stay on Grand Cayman’s Southern Coast

smith barcadere grand cayman
eric laudonien / Shutterstock

10. Smith Barcadere | Grand Cayman

Located near the point of departure for the cruise ships coming and going from Grand Cayman, Smith Barcadere Beach – also known as Smith Cove – is one of the most popular beaches on Grand Cayman.

Smith Barcadere has soft, nearly white sand and turquoise water that make it a popular destination for families and locals. The surrounding limestone crags add both beauty and protection to the beachfront, offering excellent conditions for snorkeling and swimming even when other beaches on the island are wavier.

For cruise ship travelers looking for a beach day on Grand Cayman, Smith Barcadere is a great, if busy, option. We’d recommend taking the 15-minute taxi ride to the world-famous Seven Mile Beach just a few miles north if you can – it’s considered among the best beaches in the Caribbean for a reason!

If you’ll be staying on the island for several days, try to visit Smith Barcadere when there are no cruise ships visiting the island; the beach is a whole other world and has plenty to offer with its great beach amenities and awesome snorkeling.

east end beach
Courtesy of Wyndham Reef Resort

11. East End Beach (Collier’s Beach) | Grand Cayman

Few travelers visiting Grand Cayman break away from the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas, but those looking to get to know a totally different side of the island – literally and figuratively – will find the East End of Grand Cayman to be a whole other world.

East End Beach is one of the most beloved beaches on the eastern end of the island. The “busiest” section of this tranquil beach is the exclusively public Collier’s Beach, which has numerous beach pavilions and great public parking, making it popular with locals. Events and live music performances often draw crowds on the weekends.

While some sections of the beach are a bit rocky and leave a bit to be desired, East End Beach is still a great destination worth exploring if you’re looking for something different. Stay at nearby Wyndham Reef Resort for more of this laid-back vibe that is harder and harder to come by on Grand Cayman.

Where To Stay Near East End Beach

governors beach grand cayman

12. Governor’s Beach

Just a tiny stretch of sand along Seven Mile Beach, Governor’s Beach is one of the best exclusively public areas of Seven Mile Beach, located on one of the most beautiful sections of the shore. It’s among the best places for visitors looking to experience Seven Mile Beach without having to stay at one of the resorts in Grand Cayman located directly on the beachfront.

Governor’s Beach gets its name because the governor’s mansion is located just along the shoreline here. Next door is The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa – our favorite resort in Grand Cayman.

Despite being in the heart of one of the busier areas of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, it’s a quiet and tranquil section of beach with a parking area and great food options within walking distance. If you’re looking for a great beach in Grand Cayman, you won’t find anything better.

Where To Stay Near Governor’s Beach

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