Bush People of Namibia

Bush People of Namibia and South Africa

The bush people of Namibia or sometimes called the San People are one of the oldest Indigenous tribes on the planet.  They continue to wear traditional clothing and carry on their traditional culture.  Their traditions are very old and stretch hundreds of years.  They are true hunters of nature and live off the land as they have for years.  They have adapted to the harsh terrain of Namibia and are extremely knowledgeable about nature and hunting.

There are no Leaders or Chiefs

Every Bushman tribe doesn’t have a leader or a chief and people are free to come and go from the small groups.  The groups or “bands” that travel together and work toward the common goal of feeding everyone and carrying for their young.  The core of the band is a husband and wife with their children.  Sometimes the band is enlarged due to polygamy.  They are always on the move, so they will never farm or have animals kept.  All of their personal possessions are carried from place to place.  They are not interested in money or getting rich, alcohol or drugs.  But, they work together to survive peacefully.

The Traditional People of Namibia

The woman carries the traditional role of taking care of the children and gathering.  They will go and gather various berries, roots, and seeds.  They seek out the edible plants that they have learned from the generations before them.  And, they look for water to drink and take care of the children.  They cook and make jewelry from the items they find.  All of their hunting gear is handmade from bone and other natural things.  The men are top notch hunters that not only hunt in traditional ways but build traps and poisonous arrowheads as well.
The men will hunt, which often times can take days.  The primary diet of these people is roots, plants, melons, nuts, and berries.  They do not understand or have knowledge of land ownership.  And, their socio-economic cultures was sustained for years even after the evolution of agriculture.

Bushman Bands do Interac

There is a lot of interaction between the bands.  As they are trading, marrying and visiting the other bands.  The bands don’t have any particular leaders, however, they do tend to move with the elderly men or skilled hunters.  Since they are the people with food. Their clothing is made up of Woods, reeds, and animals and this is true for their weapons as well.  Some of their weapons are poisoned arrows, snares, bows and throwing sticks with spear ends.  They make temporary homes with twigs and grasses and have adapted to the tough environments of the deserts of Namibia.

The Bush People of Namibia Unique Languages

They speak a variety of different languages but most importantly, all of them have this unique clicking sound.  And, their writing of these clicking sounds is in symbols.  Their languages are complex and varied and vary more between the different bands as well.  Usually, the bands can understand each other, even if there are subtle differences.
They have their own traditional medicines that they make from their plants in their area.  And, their great knowledge of these natural resources is extensive.  50% of children die before age 15, most, 20% die before they are one.  Most of the deaths are due to gastrointestinal infections.of